Thursday, April 20, 2006

More on playoff predictions

Well, I was away most of yesterday, but wow am I surprised at the vitriol in the comments section on my 'playoff predictions' post. I appreciate all of the visitors and feedback, but two quick points:

a) the brackets are correct. As a few commentors point out on the post, teams are reseeded following the first round, meaning the Flyers would face the top-seeded Senators in the second round based on my picks (I hadn't realized I needed to point this out).

b) hey, if you're a fan of one of the teams I predicted to crash and burn, I can totally respect your opinion. And I have no problem if you want to disagree with me here, because I think, of all the series, there are only two or three 'slam dunk' picks. We're all experts, if you know what I mean.

A quick look at predictions from a few other sources:
  • The big man Tom Benjamin has a nice runthrough of his 'heart's' choices, and I suspect he'll have a far more enjoyable experience hoping for his picks to come through than a lot of us.

  • Chris Young at JABS is working through a playoff roundtable which is polling the opinions of a few bloggers (myself included). Part 2 hits the site at 1:30 this afternoon, I'm told.

  • The Globe and Mail's Eric Duhatschek calls this whole predicting business an "fraught with peril and potential landmines." I couldn't agree more. (Eric, by the way, will be taking part in a live chat with Globe and Mail readers tomorrow at 12 p.m. EST. Feel free to drop by.)

  • Matt at the Battle of Alberta weighs in here, bleeped expletives and all.

  • Colby Cosh gets ultra-nerd on us with his Big Giant Spreadsheet (or whatever it's called). Given that he's got my Stanley Cup pick, the New Jersey Devils, with a 0.2 per cent chance to win it all, either the BGS or I are out to lunch.

  • Remember those preseason predictions? Jeff at Sisu Hockey does. And Jes Golbez had the best of the bunch. (Meanwhile, Chris McMurtry is basking in his 0.1 point slaughter over my picks. Can I at least get a bonus point for being the only one to put the Hurricanes in the playoffs? Then again, my Dallas Stars pick was simply awful.)

  • Speaking of the Golbezian one, he drops almost the exact same Eastern Conference predictions as I did. Good boy.

  • Mudcrutch aka The Calculator gives us his picks here and doesn't use the opportunity to poke fun of my New Jersey prediction. That comes in another thread.

  • Tom Luongo (Roberto's 14th cousin, three times removed) from Sabre Rattling gives us his picks from a Buffalo perspective, which is always important. Almost as important as not calling it Barffalo, as some in Toronto have taken to doing. But not me.
Well, there's your morning-in-the-office reading for this Thursday.

The Canadian television networks, TSN and Sportsnet, are both going to be airing their massive pre-playoff extravaganzas tonight (at the same time, no less), so I'll be tuning into that and will offer a few passing thoughts as the festivities go along.

As a final aside, traffic here and around the blogosphere is through the roof with the playoffs about to get underway, so thanks a bunch for stopping by. There are some fantastic first-round series this year, and I have a feeling the tournament is going to be a blast this year.



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