Saturday, April 29, 2006

OLN versus Versus

Outdoor Life Network, we hockey fans hardly knew ye:
The Outdoor Life Network is changing its name to Versus. The new name will take effect in September, in time for the NHL season, OLN announced Monday.
Thanks to TPSH for the link.


At 8:56 p.m., April 29, 2006, Anonymous Ben said...

Hopefully it goes better than OLN's last rebranding attempt. They haven't been the Outdoor Life Network for more than 8 months, but people (including the media) still call them that.

At 8:36 a.m., April 30, 2006, Blogger alyosha mcbain said...

Is it me, or does the audio for NHL games on OLN/Versus broadcast at a MUCH lower volume level? All other channels on my cable come in at roughly twice the volume of OLN's average NHL game. Very strange.

At 3:33 p.m., April 30, 2006, Anonymous David said...

Alyosha - OLN does have low volume for me too. It's a significant difference, and I always have to remember before changing channels or my neighbors probably get a taste of what I flip to.


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