Saturday, April 08, 2006

To the blogroll!

In a country like Canada, where we're all strangely divided-yet-united on almost everything, regional representation is important. Here, too, it's also important, if only for convenience's sake.

For Canadian content so far, the blogroll's got Vancouver (Tom Benjamin, Canucks Hockey Blog), Calgary (Battle of Alberta), Edmonton (Battle of Alberta, Covered in Oil, mc79hockey), Toronto (Just Another Blog on Sports) and Ottawa (Hockey Country) covered.

Those pesky Habs, thus far, have gone unrepresented.

Enter Sisu Hockey, where Jeff's doing a nice job of following the great things happening in La Belle Province — the emergence of Chris Higgins, Cristobal Huet's amazing play, and the signing of world junior team captain Kyle Chipchura to a three-year deal.

After tromping around with the borderline-playoff teams all season, Montreal's been the hottest team in the Eastern Conference since the Olympic break. Whoever faces the Canadiens in the first round should be wary of how well they have played of late.

Who will that be? Well, looking at mc79hockey's playoff odds, Montreal has a 78 per cent chance to finish either sixth or seventh in the East. On the flipside, there's a 78 per cent chance Carolina finishes in second and a 83 per cent chance the Rangers win their division and are 3rd.

In other words, the chances we'll see a Montreal-Carolina (again) or Montreal-Rangers meeting in the first round are high.


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