Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In the firelight Fernando

Since he's tied for the NHL's postseason goal-scoring lead, it's understandable the Edmonton Oilers Fernando Pisani is attracting a lot of attention.

National Post columnist Mark Spector had a great piece today about the 29-year-old former 8th-round pick (it's behind the subscriber wall, so I hope they won't mind my pulling a few graphs):
"It's an overwhelming feeling. I've never been this far in the playoffs," he said. "You see a city, people just coming up to you and saying, 'Great job!' And, 'Keep it going!' People of all ages coming up to you, excited for the team and excited for us to do well. A lot of people are calling, congratulating myself and our team. They're excited and happy for us."

The son of Italian immigrants, Cosmo and Maria, Pisani's story is your typical tale of a first-generation Canadian. He discovered hockey, played soccer each summer, married young and worked his tail off all the way along. He understnads more Italian than he speaks, despite the old-world name. And while nearly all his teammates live in the trendier Edmonton neighbourhoods, Pisani bulit in the north-end neighborhood of Castledowns because, well, that's where home is.
It's a good read. It's also the sort of profile we've been missing for the past two years without playoff hockey, an in-depth look at a guy we wouldn't otherwise hear much about. Although, given his success this postseason, my guess is Pisani's going to be much bigger part of this Oilers club in the future.


At 1:11 a.m., May 25, 2006, Blogger speeds said...

you mean, if he doesn't go UFA and get an offer EDM can't afford to match, with all the other payroll rasises they will have coming.


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