Sunday, May 21, 2006

In the NHL, different is good

I can't be the only one who was nodding in agreement with Terry Frei of ESPN's latest column:
Relish that in the chase for the Stanley Cup, funny things can happen. Actually, darned near anything can happen. Don't be sheepish about market sizes and television ratings and anything beyond the sheer enjoyment. If it doesn't play in Poughkeepsie and Tupelo and maybe even in Manhattan (Kansas and New York) because they were too busy watching "American Idol" or anything else, so what?
Call me crazy, but I agree with him. While I'd still be watching a final four that consisted of Detroit-Dallas and Ottawa-New Jersey, the way things have played out have made it better in some way. Watching Jay McKee score the game-winning goal in the conference finals, Dwayne Roloson lead the Edmonton Oilers, and fans in Anaheim and Carolina go through a second Cinderella run has made for compelling viewing.

As Frei says, the fact that hockey can end up with these four teams — three of whom have never won the Stanley Cup — duking it out for the championship, shouldn't be something for hockey fans to hang their heads over. There's been great hockey played, and the teams playing the best were the ones who snuck through.

Sounds good to me.

Credit to SportsFilter for the linkage.


At 8:53 a.m., May 22, 2006, Anonymous Rob Aquino said...

good link - i didn't catch that article and ironically i touched upon the same thing this week - i agree completely. why anyone who is a hockey fan would care about ratings is a mystery to me. i follow the logic that better ratings = more popularity...but again: who cares? i know i love the sport. why should i be concerned whether every guy on the block does?


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