Friday, May 26, 2006

Western Conference Final
Ducks 6, Oilers 3

Edmonton leads series 3-1

While some in Oilerdom are convinced the hockey gods are angry over a few too many displays of hubris, I have an easier explanation: The Ducks are the angry ones.

I've got a train to catch in the morning, but here are as many quick-hit points from the game as I can make in five minutes or less:
  • I'm surprised we haven't yet seen Ryan Getzlaf use his shot from the point like he did on the Ducks' third goal. This kid may only have seven points so far in the playoffs, but he's capable of much, much more.

  • Speaking of Getzlaf, he was only one of Anaheim's 'kid parade' that finally showed up here, highlighted by two goals apiece from Western Canadian boys Dustin Penner and Joffrey Lupul. I also thought this was Francois Beauchemin's best game of the series.

  • Jason Smith played just 18 minutes last night, the fewest of the series, meaning he's still struggling with the flu-like illness that knocked him out a few days ago. Jaroslav Spacek was -3 and played nearly as many minutes as Chris Pronger, which seems excessive.

  • I have no clue what the point of inserting Radek Dvorak into the lineup was.

  • Randy Carlyle made a ton of adjustments, and one that worked was giving less icetime to Chris Kunitz. Andy McDonald, who really hasn't been good since the Calgary series, also played sparringly.

  • J-S Giguere may really change things around here if he can play anywhere near his peak level. Dwayne Roloson, on the other hand, is looking tired — which is understandable given the 45-shot workload he had. I'm not so sure being outshot every game in a series is a solid gameplan in the playoffs.
That's all I've got folks. One more Anaheim win on Saturday night and we may almost, kinda, sorta have a series. We'll see.


At 12:39 p.m., May 27, 2006, Anonymous CarOil said...

Game 4 was on MacT.

(After two sleepless nights, I have finally reached this conclusion, and I am taking a nap right after this post.)

The Oilers have made MacT look really good during this run. We all know the odds for an #8 seed, but they managed to win in all sorts of adversity. If there is a Vegas odds on Oilers having a 7-game winning streak in the playoffs, it’d be a-million-to-one. Then the flu of all flu that makes you vomit so much, you break blood-vessels, it taxes your body-weight the GST (7%). They still won; two actually. What does MacT do on the eve of being in the record book like it was 1980’s? Chastise Laraque for getting the crowd GOING (come on, after their stellar O Canada rendition, they deserved it. As if, the Ducks were not going to use that as their punching bag for the media. I am sure they weren't actually frustrated with the fact that, despite their explosion LATE in the game, they let a team playing their 15th game in 31 days with a flu take a 4-0 lead in the 3rd. MacT also replaced the guy who scored him the all-important first goal that held up roughly 40 times longer than all the other 8 that were scored later in the game, with stone-cold-Dvorak. He also switched the line-ups to beyond recognition (don’t break what ain’t broke), mistook cinder blocks for “fresh legs” that he promised, and committed a bench penalty during a PK.

Ooooh yes, this one is on MacT.

Go Oil!


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