Saturday, June 17, 2006

2006 Stanley Cup Final
A special teams look

A lot was made coming into this series of how strong both the Carolina Hurricanes' power play and Edmonton Oilers penalty kill had been throughout the playoffs. Both were seen as key strengths, and it was there that the match-up would possibly be won or lost.

Five games in, and the Hurricanes are winning — decisively.

Power play
Carolina. 8 for 34 (23.5%)
Edmonton. 2 for 33 (6.1%)

Penalty kill
Carolina. 31 for 33 (93.9%)
Edmonton. 26 for 34 (76.5%)

Time spent on power play
Carolina. 53:16 min (10:39 min/game)
Edmonton. 56:43 (11:21 min/game)

Goals per two power-play minutes
Carolina. 8 for 26.63 (30%)
Edmonton. 2 for 28.36 (7.1%)

Colby Cosh called the Hurrcanes 3-for-7 performance on the power play in Game 5 'absurdist,' but what was really nonsensical was that Edmonton managed to win — and is still in this series — in the face of such a dominating special-teams performance.


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