Monday, July 17, 2006

Arnott to the rescue

Nashville is another new NHL franchise that's been receiving some pretty good summer coverage from the local paper, The Tennessean, despite the fact not a lot has been happening the past week or so.

One piece I really liked, mainly because of its colourful lede, was beat reporter John Glennon's feature on the Predators' big free-agent signing, Jason Arnott:
On a steamy morning four summers ago, Jason Arnott glanced out his kitchen window and saw something floating in the backyard pool.

He scrambled outside to find that his English bulldog, Rocky, had sunk close to the bottom.

Arnott dove in and hauled the dog out, but Rocky's situation looked bleak. No breathing, stiff body, eyes bulging out.

"He was pretty much dead," Arnott said.
Don't worry — the story has a happy ending.

And it's definitely an interesting way to introduce Arnott (and Rocky) to the people of Nashville.


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