Monday, July 17, 2006

Meet Coach Playfair

In case you missed it yesterday, the Calgary Sun's Eric Francis had a nice introduction to the Calgary Flames' new head coach:
Winning the IHL crown with Darryl Sutter as his coach, the two have shared a bond that intertwines similar philosophies on hockey and family, which gave Sutter the confidence to announce last week he'd handed Playfair the coaching reigns to the Flames.

"It's just like my brother Jeff (a logging truck driver) who missed a load of logs to pull over and listen to the press conference with my mom, sister and other family members (announcing Jim as coach) — they all found a way to be a part of it," said Playfair, whose most cherished moments are spent with his family and friends at the cottage in Fort St. James where every night ends at the fire pit.

"That's what you have to do to be a good team — you have to have family values and good work ethic. That's what the Sutters have and what I've been brought up with and what our team has grabbed onto."



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