Monday, July 10, 2006

A new look

I've been meaning to tinker with the site's header for a while by sticking an image up there a la The Battle of Alberta and Jes Golbez, and this is the best that my meagre photoshop skills could come up with.

It hasn't grown on me yet. Maybe the change will be short-lived.

UPDATE Ah, and let me know if the change doesn't translate well to your browser/computer. I use one of the silliest resolutions available, and alterations don't always translate well to other systems.


At 9:49 a.m., July 10, 2006, Blogger Jes Gőlbez said...

It's just just fine

but what's with the lack of capital letter in thy name? Are you K.D. f'in LANG? Buy a capital letter or two, cheapskate!

At 10:33 a.m., July 10, 2006, Anonymous Bryant said...

Looks great but it doesn't link to the home page of the blog on individual entries. I browse to interesting articles from my news reader so it's a little difficult to navigate.

At 11:59 a.m., July 10, 2006, Blogger Matt said...

I'm on Firefox, and it looks to me like there's some stuff that extends up from your banner and hides under the Blogger Bar at the top. Namely, a puck(?) at the far left and the tops of the papers towards the right. This may or may not be by design, dunno, just thought I'd answer your question.

At 1:37 p.m., July 10, 2006, Blogger James Mirtle said...

Good point, Bryant — I'd forgotten to link it back to the homepage. Will fix that here.

Matt — I'm on firefox, too, and the top banner has some nice clearance from the top of the page (as for that puck, I'm going to delete that thing right now).

At 2:39 p.m., July 10, 2006, Anonymous HockeyTownToddszqzj said...

Nice Header
please keep the changes to the minimum.

At 7:11 p.m., July 10, 2006, Blogger Andy Grabia said...

James, if you need help with the banner, lemme know. I did the one for SportsMatters and Battle of Alberta, and can help you with the HTML. You know my number.

At 8:57 p.m., July 10, 2006, Blogger Brushback said...

Great-looking header; I like the colors, type fonts, everything. It's actually starting to look like a real web site around here!

I've viewed it (using Internet Explorer) from both my computer at home (digital) and at work (dial-up), and it comes through crisply from either one.

At 9:07 p.m., July 10, 2006, Blogger CMcMurtry said...

I envy your photoshop skills. I'm still on the old text title system.

At 10:32 p.m., July 10, 2006, Anonymous MikeP said...

Looks good on FF 1.5/Windows at some weird resolution (my display is 1280x1024 but I run the browser at less than fullscreen, say about 1000px wide).


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