Thursday, August 24, 2006

Replacing Jumbo Joe

The second in our 'Finding Captains' series, I'm curious who readers believe should take over on from Joe Thornton on what is a drastically remodeled Boston team:

Who should be the next captain of the Boston Bruins?
P.J. Axelsson
Patrice Bergeron
Zdeno Chara
Glen Murray
Brad Stuart


At 4:03 p.m., August 31, 2006, Blogger Ritch said...

Wow- I'm surprised to see Murray leading the voting here.

Muzz didn't do much after Joe left, and still remains a pretty big question mark without the big man setting him up.

He's been a great Bruin over the years, and has a hell of a shot. Everybody's hoping that Savard can can spark him up again, but I think that in terms of being a captain, he's gonna have to assert his identity as a goalscorer without Joe first.

Reports out of Boston have Chara being primed for the C, citing Bergeron's age, and the fact that Chara's been leading practice, but as a long time Bruins fan, I'll tell you, that team became Bergeron's the second Joe left for San Jose.

Kevin Paul Dupont might say he's too young, but Stevie Y was a pretty young captain once, too.

Of course, maybe the last thing Bruins fans want is Bergeron or Chara as the Captain.

The last 4 captains have been shipped out of town.


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