Monday, October 30, 2006

Flyers on hunt for new GM

Apparently current Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren has been informed he's only filling the role on an interim basis, and that team owner Ed Snider has already begun a search for Bobby Clarke's long-term replacement.

Names being bandied about include Ron Hextall, Pat Quinn and even Dave Poulin.


At 2:31 p.m., October 30, 2006, Blogger PJ Swenson said...

I would like to put my name in the hat.

At 2:37 p.m., October 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean Robert Esche isn't on the top of the list?.
Oh, my bad, that only happens in the Twilight Zone known as Long Island

At 3:28 p.m., October 30, 2006, Anonymous Matt said...

Pat would be a great choice... The Flyers problem now is that they are behind the curve in being prepared for the new NHL. Pat Quinn would be a step in the wrong direction.

At 4:44 p.m., October 30, 2006, Blogger E Colquhoun said...

If Pat gets the job as GM I wonder how long before he becomes the coach again as well?

At 7:31 p.m., October 30, 2006, Anonymous Jon said...

I met Dave Poulin and skated with him at Notre Dame. I like him a lot. His outsider perspective may be just what they need, but the question is whether Snyder will let him make the changes he really needs to.

At 11:13 a.m., November 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Flyers need to go with someone like Poulin who has extensive knowlege of the collegiate game. That is an area the Flyers have struggled to find talent over the last few years. They drafted a couple guys from colleges this past year, but that was a change from the past trends.


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