Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Banished to the minors

With an interesting group of players in the AHL this season, including the likes of NHL veterans Petr Nedved and Darius Kasparaitis, I wanted to take a look at which other NHLers are playing in the minors and how they've done so far.

The curious thing? Two defencemen — Dan McGillis and Mathieu Biron — are the scoring leaders among this group. (On the less surprising side, Ty Conklin's goals-against average is on the wrong side of 4.00.)


At 2:42 p.m., November 07, 2006, Blogger Djlethal01 said...

Great piece James.. I didn't know half of those guys were in the AHL, esp. Isbister.

At 9:28 p.m., November 07, 2006, Anonymous SabreMark said...

Kasparaitis is down there for conditioning, right? There have to be a bunch of teams who are short on defense, like Buffalo, who would have to consider him, salary notwithstanding.

At 12:26 p.m., November 08, 2006, Blogger mennoknight said...

Campoli is down for conditioning too.


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