Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Could Morneau have made it in hockey?

From this week's issue of The Hockey News:
Hockey once pitched Morneau
It turns out, Justin Morneau made the right decision. Torn between pursuing a career in hockey or baseball as a 17-year-old in 1997, the New Westminster, B.C., native took hockey to the junior level before focusing on baseball. At 16, Morneau played goal in one preseason game with Portland of the Western League. "He was trying to decide between baseball and hockey," said Winter Hawks coach Mike Williamson, an assistant at the time. The American League MVP with the Minnesota Twins in 2006 was on Portland's 50-player protected list until he opted for baseball. "He was young and raw — a big guy who covered a lot of the net," Williamson said. "I remember a conversation we had with him when recruiting him. We told him he should go to hockey because not many Canadian guys end up going very far and doing very well in baseball. He showed us otherwise."


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