Friday, December 08, 2006

Even more on Rory

The Globe and Mail's Vancouver-based sports reporter Grant Kerr had a chat with Rory Fitpatrick yesterday regarding his recent rise to fame:
"I'm not making any plans for the all-star game," Fitzpatrick said Thursday. "If it happens, that's another fence to climb, I guess. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

"Anyone who knows me knows I don't like to be the focal point of anything. I'd rather just do my business and go home."


At 8:39 a.m., December 08, 2006, Anonymous Ben said...

Luongo has votes 5 times for Rory and his Coach Vigneault two time.

At 9:32 a.m., December 08, 2006, Blogger Dennis-IOF said...

If I was Rory I don't know how I'd feel about this. It's one thing for the fans to do this but to have your own teammates doing it? They know he's not all star calibre so I'd take it as a little dig...either that or if I was Bettman I'd be all over some of the players contributing to this little problem.

All that being said fans should never be allowed to vote for the starters in the first f**king place so if this Rory campaign forces the NHL to change the status quo then it was totally all for the good.

At 1:15 p.m., December 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was no all-star game last season and no one missed it... I was hoping that it would be deep-sixed in the "new NHL."

At 3:29 p.m., December 08, 2006, Blogger Doogie said...

There was no all-star game last season and no one missed it

Way to speak for everyone. I assume you asked?

At 3:34 p.m., December 08, 2006, Blogger Jes Gőlbez said...

Doogie, you actually missed it? Wow, you are part of an exclusive club.

Rory will never get this kind of attention in his life again, so he might as well enjoy it.

What's wrong with the fan's will? If they want Rory, give em Rory

(No, really, give em Rory. Get him off the team)

At 4:35 p.m., December 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're older than 12 and you think ANY All-Star game is cool, you need to lie down.

At 5:14 p.m., December 08, 2006, Anonymous nick said...

Methinks you should take your own advice. :)

At 6:13 p.m., December 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't claim to speak for everyone, but I talk to enough hockey fans and don't recall anyone saying it was a real shame we didn't have an all-star game.

It needs reform... a 4-on-4 tournament would be much cooler.

At 6:31 p.m., December 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anybody else old enough to remember the 3-on-3 tourney in the 70s with about a 2/3 rink that they televised once a week? Team Bouchard had Sittler, McNab and a Dman (Potvin?). Maybe it was because I was only 10, but that was cool.

At 6:52 p.m., December 08, 2006, Blogger James Mirtle said...

I actually don't mind the all-star game. I'm looking forward, actually, to the Young Guns game, and the skills competition is always mildly interesting.

It's a good idea having it during the week.

At 12:56 a.m., December 09, 2006, Blogger Doogie said...

Maybe it's just childhood memories of the early 90s All-Star Games clouding my judgement, but I was rather hoping to see an ASG last year, to see if the quality of hockey improved from most recent years. And really, they're just supposed to be fun little exhibitions. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

Me, I think the "coaches" at the ASG should just stand and watch and joke with the boys, and just let them fuck about and do whatever. Dunno if any NHL coach is capable of that, but the way I see it, the ASG is not meant to be won, it's meant to be played.

At 8:03 a.m., December 09, 2006, Anonymous Baroque said...

I hate all-star games. I just keep my fingers crossed that none of the players get hurt and they all return intact to their teams. (I feel the same way about all exhibition games.)

It could be worse, though. At least home-ice advantage in the Stanley Cup finals isn't riding on the outcome! (Thank you for that innovation, Dud Selig. :( And thank you for keeping your stupidities confined to your own sport.)


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