Friday, December 29, 2006

The search continues

And the 2006-07 season's epitaph read: "Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin, winger-less at 35."
2nd Period
Toronto goal
10:40, Mats Sundin 16 (Boyd Devereaux, Bates Battaglia)


At 10:21 p.m., December 29, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd imagine he's used to it, it's not like he's ever had half decent linemates.

At 12:31 a.m., December 30, 2006, Anonymous David Johnson said...

With Tucker, Ponikarovsky, Wellwood, Peca, and Antropov all out of the lineup, there isn't much left.

At 6:09 a.m., December 30, 2006, Blogger alyosha mcbain said...

"With Tucker, Ponikarovsky, Wellwood, Peca, and Antropov all out of the lineup, there isn't much left."

There wasn't much there to begin with either.....

At 9:51 a.m., December 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine what Sundin would have accomplished playing with Markus Naslund, Bill Guerin, Danny Alfredsson, Milan Hejduk or even guys like Ryan Smyth or, maybe, Freddy Modin (oh yeah, they had him), instead of Jonas Hoglund, Mikael Renberg etc etc etc ad nauseum.

What a waste.

At 10:11 a.m., December 30, 2006, Anonymous David Johnson said...

"There wasn't much there to begin with either....."

That's a common diatribe by the Toronto media but it isn't completely true. Sundin has just 4 more points than Wellwood and Tucker so it is difficult to argue Sundin is playing with players well below his level.

And Mogilny was a pretty good player who actually ended up with more points than Sundin in 2002-03. And Sundin has always been surrounded with offensive minded defensemen which is significantly important in goal production. The idea that Sundin has been the lone offensive player on the Leafs is a myth propagated by the clueless Toronto media. The truth is the Leafs have been one of the top 10 offensive teams in the NHL for much of Sundin's time here and a relatively successful team too.

At 8:24 p.m., December 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on David - you actually buy that? Sundin has missed significant time this year first of all. Wellwood and Tucker are decent players and I will give you Mogilny although he didn't really mesh with Sundin - he liked having the puck too much himself.

Facts are facts - I'm not a Leafs' fan but I see a lot of them. Sundin plays with Antropov and Ponikarovsky while Sakic played with Tanguay and Hejduk or Forsberg played with Gagne and Knuble last year.

Guy is an elite player. Imagine if he had Heatley and Alfredsson on his wings?

At 11:57 p.m., December 30, 2006, Blogger Desdemona said...

I can only imagine. Bottom line is Toronto tends to trade away their tomorrow (look no further than Rask) for temporary players of today.

I don't even know if it's JFJ who's to blame, as he's probably just a puppet for the MLSE.

Toronto need to re-build. Truly re-build. They won't lose much money in concessions because, c'mon, they haven't won the Cup since '67 and still have the most loyal fans. Imagine if they stripped the team and started from scratch.

Again, I can only imagine...

At 1:42 a.m., December 31, 2006, Anonymous David Johnson said...

Sundin has only played only 2 fewer games than Wellwood.

Forsberg played with Gagne and Knuble but neither of them are great players. Knuble isn't really any better than Ponikarovsky. Gagne's best season before playing with Forsberg was 66 points. Forsberg just makes them look great because he, when healthy, is probably the best player in the NHL. I like Sundin but Forsberg is lightyears ahead of him. The great players make the players around them better. Forsberg does that far better than Sundin.

At 4:58 p.m., January 01, 2007, Anonymous ken said...

Sundin has been wandering in a wasteland for most of his time in Toronto. How many open nets did he set up for Hoglund, only to see that bag of mulch shoot it a million miles wide?

I love Forsberg too, but Simon Gagne would be a significant improvement on anybody who's played on Sundin's line.


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