Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hockey on the tube

If you're one of the lucky ones not on their way back into the office today, take a seat on the couch — there's seemingly nothing but hockey on television today.

Beginning this afternoon, TSN has the quarter-finals in the world juniors (1:30 p.m.). They've decided to show the Czech Republic v. Sweden contest, likely due to the fact the winner goes on to play Canada in their first elimination game tomorrow. (Canada will face the winner of the other quarter-final, USA v. Finland.)

Tonight, RDS/TSN will be showing the Montreal v. Tampa Bay game, while CBC and Hockey Night in Canada have a special Tuesday night broadcast for Steve Yzerman's jersey retirement ceremony in Detroit, where the Red Wings are taking on Anaheim. Versus is showing St. Louis v. Chicago at 8 p.m. and Sportsnet has the Vancouver v. Calgary game in Western Canada.

It's days like these the Centre Ice package seems like overkill.


At 3:37 p.m., January 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...except if you live in the US and don't get TSN. Yay Center Ice! (except they should be showing all WJC games, esp. elimination games - not just the USA games. c'est la vie.)

At 4:36 p.m., January 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I have to add in my 2 cents for those of us working today and cannot enjoy CI- what is the deal with TSN restricting the internet broadcast to just Canadian citizens? There are those of us in the States who enjoy hockey and frequent tsn.com/nhl and sportsnet.ca/hockey ya know!

At 4:51 p.m., January 02, 2007, Blogger girlysportsrant said...

Dont think TSN is showing any hockey tonight. They're showing the Orange Bowl. RDS only for Bolts-Habs.

As for websites restricting broadcating it's quite common.
BBC Sports only lets UK users see their live stuff.

At 4:59 p.m., January 02, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

I'm sure the Canadian users only format is simply a matter of managing costs... I haven't seen the online broadcasts yet, but I imagine they feature Canadian advertisers targeting Canadian viewers, and the idea of subsidizing a few thousand or more eyeballs from around the globe probably isn't in the cards.

The IIHF, on the other hand, should look at a worldwide webcast of the event — even if it's a pay per view deal.

At 5:44 p.m., January 02, 2007, Blogger Desdemona said...

I could be mistaken, but my guess is that when TSN planned their programming long ago, they thought that the US would be the second seed of Pool A, making their game the one to air today. If they had, Center Ice probably would have picked up their feed.

But TSN didn't, so Center Ice didn't and this year will be the first time in a long time (ever?) that I won't see Finland.

At 5:47 p.m., January 02, 2007, Blogger Desdemona said...

Oh, and TSN did offer a way to get their broadband feed thingy today, but since it didn't apply to me I didn't pay attention.

If all else fails and you absolutely HAVE to know what's going on, you can always listen to the US games at usahockey.com

They've aired all US games so far and (I think) keep the games for your listening pleasure in case you couldn't listen to it live.

At 5:52 p.m., January 02, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

I actually think the reason the U.S. game wasn't broadcast was that it was in Mora and the TSN crew has setup shop in Leksand.

At 7:23 p.m., January 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

guh. nice to come home tonight to find 3:30 of the maddening Center Ice theme song instead of a game. i'm pretty ticked off about this - not necessarily at TSN but for Center Ice for simply broadcasting nothing. As for Center Ice, they must have some "logic" as to why they only televise the US games but I'd like to hear it - it can't entirely be that they think there's no demand for a "random" WJC game, since i'd be willing to wager that there aren't a ton of out-of-market fans for a Columbus-Florida NHL game.


At 11:34 p.m., January 02, 2007, Anonymous Shabbadoo said...

I gotta say I'm pretty ticked that as a Canuck fan in Oiler territory, I don't get to watch the Flames/Canucks on RSN West, because the Oilers have a PPV game and so apparently northern Alberta gets their RSN West blacked out.

And I'm sure not going to shell out $170 for Centre Ice at this point in the season to get to watch an extra dozen Canucks games.

If someone can explain the logic to the black-outs to me, I'd love to hear it. Blacking out the Flames/Canucks will do nothing to get me to pay for Oilers PPV. Ever.

At 12:32 a.m., January 03, 2007, Blogger Desdemona said...

"I actually think the reason the U.S. game wasn't broadcast was that it was in Mora and the TSN crew has setup shop in Leksand."

And what I meant was that had the US landed the second seed, their game WOULD have been in Leksand.


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