Thursday, January 25, 2007

Malkin: I'm a big boy

"He said he's happy he made the YoungStars Game, but it's too bad he didn't make it to the adult game," said Penguins defenseman Sergei Gonchar, translating for Malkin. "But it's a goal for him for the next year, and he's going to make sure he works hard to make it to that game next year."
Not that it showed in his play.

UPDATE The Edmonton Journal's Jim Matheson had more on the embarrassment that was the YoungStars game:
They treat the YoungStars as add-ons anyway. They were crammed one of the Stars' exercise/weight-rooms Tuesday, sitting on banquet-hall chairs, their equipment bags strewn all over the place as the media tried to tiptoe around the bags. The kids seemed happy enough to be at the all-star show, but looked a little embarrassed by their surroundings.
I got the sense from watching the game itself that this is what was going on. How bush league.


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