Monday, February 26, 2007

Canucks pickup Sopel

Team 1040 in Vancouver is reporting that the Vancouver Canucks have re-acquired Brent Sopel from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a second- and a fourth-round pick.

Sopel is due $2.4-million and is an unrestricted free agent this summer. It's been nearly three years since he last played for the Canucks, as he had a career year in 2003-04 with 10 goals and 42 points in 80 games.

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At 8:48 p.m., February 26, 2007, Blogger Bal said...

James do you know what the conditions were on the Canucks giving up draft picks for their recent acquisitions? Does it depend on the players resigning with vancouver? thanks!

At 12:08 a.m., February 27, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

James, you keep saying that Vncouver is up tight against the cap. While that is generally true, Nonis still has some flexibility to pull of one more deal.

The Canucks have "run" about $600,000 below the cap all year. This gives them about $2.4 million of annualized salary room for the last quarter of the season.

The Canucks have also placed Kesler on the LTI for the last quarter of the season (and will bring him back when the playoffs start and there is no salary cap). This frees up $1.9 million in annualized salary for the last quarter.

Finally, Chouinard will be sent to the AHL if not claimed on waivers. The owner of the Canucks has said he will take this "financial hit" to create more cap space. This frees up room for $1.1 million of more annualized salary.

In total the Canucks have freed up about $5.4 million of annualized salary cap space for the last quarter of the season.

Smolinski ($1.9 million) and Sopel ($2.4 million)have"eaten up" about $4.3 million of this total leaving about $1.1 million still available.

The Canucks still need some help on right wing. Therefore there is still cap space available to bring in an Owen Nolan or a Martin Gelina.

If Bulis is included as part of the trade ($1.3 million) then Vancouver could absorb $2.4 million more in salary

Therefore Vancouver could still go after Zubruis in Washington for Bulis, a prospect like Corey Schneider and a second rounder (Vacouver still has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick left for this year).

Therefore I'm betting Nonis isn't finished dealing just yet.


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