Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Granted, I was blogging all throughout the trade deadline, but given the on-the-fly nature of the whole exercise, it feels now like there was a whole lot more quantity than quality — which is sometimes the nature of blogging, I suppose.

Still, I feel like there's a lot more to offer in terms of who won and lost on this trade deadline day, and I'll do my best to offer up some more thoughts tomorrow as well as a look at some of the more entertaining trade deadline takes from around the blogosphere.

In terms of winners, I liked what Detroit, San Jose, Philadelphia and Vancouver did, and to a lesser extent Buffalo and Dallas. It's tougher at this point to pick out losers, per se, but it does feel like the Ducks missed the boat on improving on their suddenly struggling team. Tampa Bay and Ottawa could have also benefited from adding more pieces than they did.



At 1:44 a.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger Doogie said...

Loser: Edmonton

I don't think this one requires explanation. Time to fantank!

At 3:53 a.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger Joe Pelletier said...

The biggest loser - and I truly say this with no prior judgement on the guy - was Eklund. He was exposed for exactly what he is - a wannabe with no shame or accuracy, and probably no real contacts.

Joe Pelletier

At 7:21 a.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger Tom L said...


Very true. After it had been reported that Biron was traded to Philly, he was still insistning if was Florida.

His segment on WGR yesterday was sad.


At 9:13 a.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger J. Michael Neal said...

I really like what Detroit did over the last few days. Trading Jason Williams for Kyle Calder is an upgrade from a fourth line winger to a third, or maybe second, line winger at absolutely no cost. That deal was free, and is all upside.

Trading for Bertuzzi is more complicated, since he may turn out to be a complete bust. I'm not familiar with Shawn Matthias, so this is subject to revision if he is a blue chip prospect. If not, though, the Wings covered their downside by making all of the draft picks conditional. It sounds as if, if we give up a first-rounder, it will have been worth it, and if Bertuzzi is a complete bust, we'll only be out a third-rounder and Matthias. That's a good gamble.

I've thought for a while that this Wings team is good, but not great, and seeing their presence near the top of the Western Conference continues to surprise me. If Bertuzzi doesn't pan out, they aren't going far in the playoffs. Still, a good balance of cost and gain yesterday.

At 9:30 a.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger Tom L said...


Detroit did indeed make a very good value bet on Bertuzzi.

Williams for Calder? I'll defer to your opinion on that.... Iknow that Williams sucked for my fantasy team in the blogger challenge.


At 9:50 a.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger danielao said...

Gotta agree that Eklund was horrible, but Sportsnet's coverage overall was brutal. I want some information on hockey, I don't need to see the hosts eating pizza on air. Thankfully there were better choices for coverage.

I think Eklund is giving all bloggers a bad name. He should just call himself the "anonymous hockey fan."

At 10:00 a.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger Tom L said...

Blake to Ducks Nixed by NHL

Of course I have no idea how accurate this is, but if true, then Brian Burke has to be lumped into the Loser bin with Eklund.


At 1:27 p.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger J. Michael Neal said...

Williams for Calder? I'll defer to your opinion on that

My opinion is formed largely by noticing that Jason Williams is in the midst of the second best season of his entire career, and it's well below the quality of his best. Calder, meanwhile, is having the worst season of his career. Looking at that, I find regression to the mean to be a very powerful tool, in that I think that Williams already has regressed towards his true talent level, and Calder is a good bet to do so.

Buy low, sell high; that's my theory.


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