Wednesday, February 28, 2007

THN ranks the goalies

This week's edition of The Hockey News offers a ranking of the Top 30 netminders in the NHL, an order meted out by seven former pro goaltenders:

  1. Martin Brodeur
  2. Roberto Luongo
  3. Miikka Kiprusoff
  4. J-S Giguere
  5. Dominik Hasek
  6. Ryan Miller
  7. Ray Emery
  8. Marty Turco
  9. Vesa Toskala
  10. Marc-Andre Fleury
  11. Kari Lehtonen
  12. Chris Mason
  13. Rick DiPietro
  14. Cam ward
  15. Manny Fernandez
  16. Henrik Lundqvist
  17. Olaf Kolzig
  18. Dwayne Rolsoon
  19. Andrew Raycroft
  20. Tomas Vokoun
  21. Cristobal Huet
  22. Manny Legace
  23. Johan Holmqvist
  24. Nikolai Khabibulin
  25. Peter Budaj
  26. Evgeni Nabokov
  27. Martin Biron
  28. Tim Thomas
  29. Ed Belfour
  30. Curtis Joseph
The list is fairly solid, although obviously very heavily weighted to this season. I wouldn't have put Marc-Andre Fleury in the Top 10, for example, and Chris Mason is far too high based on what I've seen (a few weeks of excellent play does not a great netminder make).

The Wild's Niklas Backstrom gets left off the list altogether despite his strong play, and Curtis Sanford and Mathieu Garon have played well on terrible teams. (And if you really want to reward someone for a short burst of strong netminding, Sean Burke has been downright stellar.)

I think Cristobal Huet should also get a bump up from 21st.

Your thoughts?

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At 11:03 p.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger Paul said...

How in the world is Vokoun #20? Other then the fact that he's been outplayed by Chris Mason, there's nothing in his stats to suggest that he's been worse then many of the names above him, especially Ward (!) and Raycroft (!!). A .918 SV% is fantastic regardless of how good the team in front of you is.

At 11:11 p.m., February 28, 2007, Anonymous David Johnson said...

There is a lot wrong with that list in my opinion. It starts off good but soon falls apart. Brodeur, Luongo, Kipprusoff are in my mind clearly the top 3 goalies in the NHL. I have a hard time with Fleury in the top 15 let alone top 10. He's not really accomplished anything yet in his career. Turco is too inconsistent to be at #8 and Toskala is hardly even a #1 goalie splitting duties with Nabokov and his .905 save% is just OK. There is no way Toskala should be top 10 and if he is, how can you justify Nabokov at 26th? Roloson and Kolzig should both be in the top 10 and Vokoun should be right up there too. Cam Ward, aside from his playoffs last year, hasn't been very good and doesn't deserve to be 14th.

My list would look more like this:

1. Brodeur
2. Luongo
3. Kupprusoff
4. Giguere
5. Miller
6. Vokoun
7. Hasek
8. Emery
9. DiPietro
10. Roloson
11. Turco
12. Kolzig
13. Huet
14. Mason
15. Fernandez
16. Lehtonen
17. Lundqvist
18. Fleury
19. Toskala
20. Gerber

At 11:50 p.m., February 28, 2007, Blogger John Fischer said...

Wow, you'd think THN would put #1 on the front cover for all editions, but Canada gets #19 Andrew Raycroft on the cover. I know he's a Leaf, but sticking #19 on your list of the top 30 goalies to try and catch people's eyes to buy a mag is a bit odd to me.

In any case, from what I've seen this season, I haven't been too impressed with Ray Emery. I think Rick DiPietro is a lot better than what his stats suggest from the 6 games I've seen of him and is about equal with Ray Emery. I think while Fleury has been a huge part of Pittsburgh's streak, he's way too high on the list. He lets in way too many soft goals. I also agree with David Johnson about Toskala. Kari Lehtonen is a bit high for a team that's been freefalling for the last month and a half. Here's how I'd make the top ten (I don't know enough to do 30):

1. Brodeur
2. Luongo
3. Kiprusoff
4. Hasek
5. Giguere
6. Miller
7. DiPietro
8. Emery
9. Turco
10. Mason

But my opinion is just that.

At 12:44 p.m., March 01, 2007, Blogger Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

How in the heck are Cristobal Huet, Nikolai Khabibulin, Johan Holmqvist and Evgeni Nabokov all under no 20 and all behind Raycroft.

Huet should be at least 12th
Khabibulin should be in the late-teens
Holmqvist's play in the second half should raise him.
Nabokov's been great. No idea what they're doing behind...pfft, Andrew Raycroft?

At 4:43 p.m., March 01, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, who where the 7 goaltenders and what bar were they drinking at? The list starts off fine with the obvious, gets shaky at 5 and then falls apart after 10...

And do they think so little of LEaf Nation that they have to put Raycroft on the cover in order for them to buy it?

That's a very generous 19.

At 10:53 a.m., March 02, 2007, Blogger Shaan said...

OK this was obviously done by someone in Toronto! Raycroft is the number 1 the AHL. Huet #21? Please, He was in the runnig for the Vezina until December until his team started to tank. In my opinion Luongo is over-rated, yes he's having a sold season so far, but this is a guy who has 0 games played in the playoffs.

At 8:22 p.m., March 21, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Roberto Luongo is overated......Turco in the top ten? should switch Mason with him...Whats with Dipietro so low...i think he should be in the top should look like this

At 1:30 a.m., August 25, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Martin Brodeur
2. Roberto Luongo
3. Miikka Kiprusoff
4. J-S Giguere
5. Dominik Hasek
6. Henrik Lundqvist
7. Evgeni Nabokov
8. Marty Turco
9. Tomas Vokoun
10. Cristobal Huet
11. Dwayne Roloson
12. Manny Legace
13. Rick DiPietro
14. Evgeni Nabokov
15. Nikolai Khabibulin

At 12:29 p.m., August 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dipietro is a joke

At 9:29 p.m., November 24, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

10.miller. toskala

raycroft sucks too much to belong in a list, he should have stayed in ahl. nobody wants goalies like cloutier and raycroft ruining the game.

At 2:30 p.m., December 01, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The person who put Lundqvist above Luongo has some serious problems. Overall this list is a joke how does Raycroft even make this list? And Toskala doesn't belong in the top ten!


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