Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More on late hits

Mike Brophy's post today about late hits at Globe on Hockey has generated some mighty interesting responses in the comments section.


At 2:09 p.m., March 06, 2007, Blogger Stevens8204 said...

What is worse is because they didn't call anything...the refs felt guilty and made a call that cost the Devils an extra point. That guilt to me means they know they screwed up...and to me refs should be accountable for their actions or inaction.

At 2:48 p.m., March 06, 2007, Blogger Rick said...

Just asking--have any of the Figure Skating Keyboardists (FSK) made a compelling case as to why the instigator rule decreases non-fight violence? Maybe I've been hoodwinked by the "Troglodytes" ($10 says no hockey columnist in North America can define that word without looking) but it does seem to me that fear of getting your ass kicked might make you think twice about dirty hits.

Even the Figure Skater in Chief, Wayne Gretzky, thinks that tough guys aren't the problem, it's the non-tough guys trying to act tough, at least that's what he said to TSN when asked about the Georges Laraque trade.

Anyway, they've used the so-called loosening of the instigator rule as "proof" that the Neanderthals have won. So, I'm just asking.

Funny how there is a direct correlation between latitude and the cheapness of Neil's hit, and an indirect one between latitude and the lateness/dirtiness of Janssens's.

At 2:57 p.m., March 06, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

David Shoalts actually used troglodyte in his column on the weekend.

There is a difference between the Janssen and the Neil hits, but it's a small one. People are acting as if this is a black-and-white operation when really both are marked with shades of gray.

In any event, I think it's a good thing there's an outcry, no matter where it's coming from, on this issue. If it took a Toronto player taking a cheap shot for that to happen, so be it (although I seem to recall the same sort of outrage when Erik Cole/Daniel Briere took their shots).

At 3:39 p.m., March 06, 2007, Blogger ninja said...

Made a call that cost the Devils an extra point? Shit man, the refs have been handing the Devils games all year. How many minors do they average per game? The Leafs were getting jobbed in the penalty department until the third when the refs had to give some make-up calls to make it look somewhat even.

At 9:49 a.m., March 07, 2007, Blogger PPP said...

What about all of the extra points that the Devils have accumulated thanks to cheating Lou's ability to job the salary cap?

At 10:17 a.m., March 07, 2007, Blogger PPP said...

And is Brophy the worst analyst/writer involved in hockey today? That is a shocking statement considering I used to think that Kypreos was sent to test my patience with his stupidity.

I love that any time any news involves the Leafs there is someone ready to disregard it because it involves the Leafs.

At 11:56 a.m., March 07, 2007, Anonymous sorry... said...

Im sorry that article and all those who posted are just way off, not to mention all from canada and most likely biased.

The cam janssen hit, if anything, should have been a 1 game suspension at the most. Personally, i thought the hit was a bit late, but not nearly as much as people have been saying. If you time it out he hits Kaberle about a second after he releases the puck, now Ive actually played, I dont know how many of you have, but a second is not much. To say he was head hunting is also bull. Kaberle was in a transition motion, going from skating backwards towards the boards to a forward stride after the pass which placed his head at a lower level. Now if im not mistaken, thats not janssens fault and the fact that he hit him with his shoulder, its a clean hit.

Dont get me wrong I thought it appeared to be a bit late, he probably could have avoided hitting him, but hey his job is to hit. This was merely the league making up for a pretty big uproar regarding the Neil/Drury incident.


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