Monday, March 12, 2007

More on Morozov

I talked a little bit about Alexei Morozov's scoring exploits in Russia earlier this week, and was able to track down some more info about his possible return to the NHL.

This is from in mid-December:
Former Pittsburgh Penguins forward Alexei Morozov is eyeing to return to the NHL for the 2007-08 season. The veteran forward has been clearly the best player in the Russian Super League over the past two or three seasons. Reportedly, the deciding factor has been the change in the NHL rules and the success enjoyed by former Super League forwards Evgeny Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) and Alexander Semin (Washington Capitals) with their respective NHL clubs. It is unclear what club Morozov would join in the NHL, but thus far he spent his entire NHL North American career with the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Morozov hasn't played in the NHL since before the lockout, when he had a career high 50 points with Pittsburgh in 2003-04. He turned 30 last month, and isn't getting any younger, but has always had a higher skill level than his point totals ever indicated.

Thanks to Dave at sidearm delivery for finding this one.



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