Friday, March 30, 2007

Who should win the Masterton?

I'm putting together a list of the nominees over at Globe on Hockey. Feel free to let me know of anyone I've missed.

Here's a look at the list I had last year, when Anaheim's Teemu Selanne won.


At 5:26 p.m., March 30, 2007, Anonymous ken said...

There's no one on that list I'd give it too. Is it really about a guy coming back from a stubbed toe?

Maybe it shouldn't be handed out every year, if there's no standout candidate.

At 5:31 p.m., March 30, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

Boucher's father died earlier this week after a lengthy illness; Brown's four-month-old daughter died last year.

I don't know if they should win or not, but I'm certainly not going to deem them not worthy.

At 5:37 p.m., March 30, 2007, Anonymous Michael Smith said...

Jed Ortmeyer of the New York Rangers is certainly deserving of the trophy. An undrafted, former Michigan Wolverine captain is a model of the hard work and perseverance it takes to win this award. Jed was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism before the season started. He missed a substantial portion of the year while treating the condition with blood thinners. Upon his return, Jed resumed his hard-nosed, energetic game and holds a key role on the Rangers penalty kill and one of the Rangers' energy lines. Every team could use a player like the Rangers' number 41. He goes all out on every shift, is always willing to sacrifice his body to keep pucks away from his net and is a leader on this Rangers squad. I'm fairly certain he'd be a choice for local New York sportswriters if he hasn't been chosen already.

At 5:40 p.m., March 30, 2007, Blogger Pete said...

Rory Fitzpatrick!


At 6:04 p.m., March 30, 2007, Blogger Earl Sleek said...

I haven't followed his stats well enough, but I figured since the start of the year that Tomas Vokoun would be a logical candidate.

At 6:23 p.m., March 30, 2007, Anonymous ken said...

How about Todd Bertuzzi?

At 6:24 p.m., March 30, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't the award more about something having a comeback season, or making it through the odds to have a great season, where-as one shouldn't be expected of that person?

Ortmeyer, Brown, etc have had to go through some personal difficulties... but the effect on the ice (besides actually being there), hasn't been spectacular or anything.

I'm not sure who I'd vote for, but I just wanted to point that out.

At 6:53 p.m., March 30, 2007, Anonymous David Johnson said...

Bertuzzi will never win another hockey award espeically one for perseverence, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey.

Ortmeyer would be a solid candidate. Erik Cole I think has to be considered for coming back from a broken neck. Ed Belfour should probably deserve some consideration too. He could have easily packed it in and called it a career and waited for the hall of fame after a weak season and with back troubles but he stuck it out and had a pretty good year in Florida.

At 8:17 p.m., March 30, 2007, Anonymous Paul Penner said...

Phil Kessel came back after cancer surgery.

Saku Koivu's career was in jeopardy after his serious eye injury.

Unless someone survives an autopsy before the end of this season, these two should be at the top of the list.

At 9:06 p.m., March 30, 2007, Anonymous ken said...

Yeah, Phil Kessel's the top suggestion I've seen so far.

Him or Bertuzzi, anyway.

At 10:02 p.m., March 30, 2007, Blogger PPP said...

Those are all good candidates except for Bertuzzi. I did not know Ortmeyer's story but it sounds like what the trophy is about. Same with Vokoun, Koivu, Cole and I would add Carlo Colaiacovo for his hard work in coming back from a serious concussion among a litany of injuries.

The good thing about the nomination process is that you get to hear stories like Ortmeyer's.

At 3:50 a.m., March 31, 2007, Anonymous L. said...

And what about Dominik Hasek?

At 4:00 a.m., March 31, 2007, Blogger danielao said...

"Saku Koivu's career was in jeopardy after his serious eye injury."

A player can only win this award once. Koivu won it in 2002.

At 4:59 a.m., March 31, 2007, Blogger The Puck Stops Here said...

Owen Nolan. He came back to be the second highest scorer on Phoenix after being out since 2004. I certainly thought his career was over and he is making a solid contribution.

Kessel was out for a month. Nolan was out for two years.

At 8:31 a.m., March 31, 2007, Anonymous Kevin Forbes said...

Giguere was nominated for Anaheim
LA Times Article

At 10:11 a.m., March 31, 2007, Blogger Robert L said...

Saku should be able to win it twice...didn't Jamie Storr get the nod as goalie on the All-Rookie team two year running?

Journalist Yvon Pedneault namedropped Tomas Plekanec as the Habs likely nominee. Other than the perseverence shown by spending three years in the AHL, this rising player, IMO, doesn't fit the criteria. Huet would be more suitable.

At 12:02 p.m., March 31, 2007, Blogger Doogie said...

I still think Rem Murray should've won last year. I mean, he actually wound up in the hole coming back to the NHL, after paying back his insurance. You hear about guys being willing to pay to play at that level, and he pretty well did.

Anyway, for this year, I personally sympathize with Boucher's situation, having gone through something similar last year. If not him, then Brown and Kessel are also good choices.

At 12:53 p.m., March 31, 2007, Anonymous Mogen_david said...

Here's a link to Brown's write up in the chronicle:

At 5:01 p.m., March 31, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

The New York guys have nominated Ortmeyer.

At 12:17 a.m., April 01, 2007, Blogger J. Michael Neal said...

Jed Ortmeyer ... undrafted, former Michigan Wolverine

Where he had reconstructive knee surgery. Twice. I loved watching Ortmeyer play, even though he's on Dad's team, not mine, but I never thought he'd be successful in the NHL. I really thought that he had gone as far as sheer determination and hard work could take him, and that his knee surgeries had robbed him of what little chance he had to move on. Shows what I know.

At 12:49 a.m., April 01, 2007, Blogger Matthew Macaskill said...

Sergei Samso...NOT!

My vote for a Habs' player would be Steve Begin. If this guy isn't dedicated to hockey, I don't know who is.

At 12:21 p.m., April 01, 2007, Blogger She said...

Edmonton has nominated Toby Petersen.
He's certainly been one of the hardest workers on the Oilers this season.


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