Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Vancouver marathon

Well, Day 1 of the postseason and we've already got our first lengthy overtime game. Vancouver and Dallas are currently in the intermission, tied 4-4 and heading to a third overtime period.

It's 2 a.m. here in Toronto, but as I'm off tomorrow, I'll be toughing this one out 'till the end. Anyone else with me?

UPDATE Early in the sixth period, we've already broken a team record for the longest game played by the Canucks. And things are slowing down out there.

The longer this one goes, the bigger a boost it will be for the team that wins it. The series resumes on Friday night at 6 p.m. Pacific time — or just more than 42 hours from now.

UPDATE Oh boy... the end of the third overtime is upon us at 2:50 a.m. and this is now the 12th-longest NHL game in history — and counting.

The shots are 66-44 for Dallas, and Vancouver's Kevin Bieksa has played 48 minutes and 51 seconds. The forward with the most ice time is Stars veteran Jere Lehtinen with more than 42 minutes.

This is the sixth-longest NHL game since the Original Six era, and the longest game by far in games with more than seven goals scored.

UPDATE 3:12 a.m. and this is now the ninth-longest game of all-time with just more than 13 minutes remaining in the fourth overtime.

UPDATE This is the sixth-longest game of all-time, and the fourth-longest of the modern era. And we're still going, well into the night.

I think I'm the only one watching outside of B.C. at this point.

UPDATE Canucks win 5-4 on a goal by Henrik Sedin with 1:54 remaining in the fourth overtime. It's 3:31 in the morning here in Ontario — which is a nice start to the two-month grind of the playoffs.

Longest overtime games of all-time:

Overtime length Score Date

1 116:30:00 Red Wings 1-0 Maroons March 24, 1936
2 104:46:00 Maple Leafs 1-0 Bruins April 3, 1933
3 92:01:00 Flyers 2-1 Penguins May 4, 2000
4 80:48:00 Mighty Ducks 4-3 Stars April 24, 2003
5 79:15:00 Penguins 3-2 Capitals April 24, 1996
6 78:06:00 Canucks 5-4 Stars April 11, 2007

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At 2:32 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger Art Vandelay said...

Time to introduce 4x4 OT in the playoffs. This is ridiculous.

At 2:40 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger Jes Gőlbez said...

zzzz... please, Bulis, score!

At 2:42 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger b. cheng said...

Vancouver's had some good chances, but Turco looks strong, whereas I think Luongo may be able to be beaten by a fluke goal...It can be hard maintaining attention in these long overtime games because the legs get tired adn the quality gets worse, but its more about staying up through it and waiting to see what finally breaks the other team...Anyways, good stuff!

At 2:42 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger George said...

This damn game needs to end so I can go to bed.

At 2:51 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger Jay said...

What an opening night. Dallas have been more consistent in bringing pressure throughout the game while the Canucks generate these sporadic flurries of activity around Turco (I could see almost every game in this series going to extra time).

I'll go with Smolinski putting this to bed (with another ugly goal).

4OT coming up.

At 3:12 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger Loxy said...

Zubov or Pyatt.

It's gonna end this frame. Guys are just dying.

At 3:20 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger b. cheng said...

Sedin, but...I'll go with Henrik

At 3:32 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger b. cheng said...

damn! I'm going to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow!

At 3:32 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger Loxy said...


At 3:32 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger joninabox said...

D. Sedin just rang it off the post then won it with another shot moments later.

At 3:51 a.m., April 12, 2007, Anonymous Matt said...

Amazing game! I'm on the East Coast as well (in Montreal) and I'm damn glad that we got a good goal to end this one. Hell of a first playoff game for Luongo, eh?

At 4:43 a.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger The Puck Stops Here said...


An off topic question. You say you are off tomorrow (today). Is writing for the Globe and Mail not a 5 day a week job?

At 12:55 p.m., April 12, 2007, Anonymous Karina said...

That was brutal. Everyone was late to work today, a lot of circles under the eyes... let's hope the rest of the games are solved quicker, or there's no way either team would make it out of the second round.

At 1:12 p.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger Eric H said...

Fucking versus cut away from the game after the third overtime...

I didn't start watching until the third, but once it got to OT I kinda wanted to see it to the end... but no rather then the seventh period I got an infomertial...

At 1:42 p.m., April 12, 2007, Anonymous Jeff said...

Eric H,

That's strange. I was watching Vs. and saw the whole game.

I'm on the West Coast though. Maybe you're in a different time zone?

I think my head would have exploded if that happened to me.

At 1:47 p.m., April 12, 2007, Blogger b. cheng said...

Eric H., wow, that would have truly sucked. I was watching on Versus in Chicago and they stayed with it through the entire game. I guess my cable provider (Comcast) is also doing a free week (?) long preview of all the sports packages, its been great watching all the playoff games (and especially being able to watch the Leafs win on Saturday, despite what happened on Sunday).

At 3:28 p.m., April 12, 2007, Anonymous ken said...

I stayed up too (one of my goals is to see a game that goes an unbelievable length, like, say, 10 OTs).

Unlike most marathons, that was actually a pretty good game. Most games go 90 minutes without a goal because neither team is getting a shot, all the "action" takes place in the neutral zone or in the corners, with guys sitting on each other.

Not a bad start to the playoffs.


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