Thursday, May 31, 2007

Game 2 ice time breakdown


Miller/Marchant - McDonald - Selanne
Moen - Pahlsson - R. Niedermayer
Penner - Getzlaf - Perry
May - Marchant - Perry/R. Niedermayer/Thornton

Heatley - Spezza - Alfredsson
Kelly - Vermette - Neil
Schaefer - Fisher - Comrie/Alfredsson
Schubert - McAmmond - Saprykin

Randy Carlyle made more of a mess of his lines and defence parings (which are difficult to make sense of) in this game than Bryan Murray did, and you could really see that in Francois Beauchemin's partners who ran from Ric Jackman (eight minutes), Scott Niedermayer (6.4 minutes), Sean O'Donnell (4.8 minutes) and Chris Pronger (three minutes).

Ottawa's defence pairings remained the exact same as they've been for the majority of the season.

As for who played against who, well, let's go with the first through third lines, and percentages for each of those:

McDonald/Selanne: 55% vs. Fisher, 21% Spezza, 20% McAmmond
Pahlsson line: 77% vs. Spezza, 15% Vermette, 8% rest
Getzlaf line: 61% vs. Vermette, 26% McAmmond, 12% Fisher

Heatley/Spezza: 67% vs. Pahlsson, 23% McDonald, 12% Marchant
Vermette line: 79% vs. Getzlaf, 18% Pahlsson, 4% rest
Fisher line: 76% vs. McDonald, 15% Getzlaf, 8% rest

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