Monday, May 28, 2007

Giants win first Memorial Cup


A red-eye flight home after a pretty solid two days of work in Vancouver, and I'm not really up for much heavy lifting — never mind blogging.

I will say this, however: You know you're at a big-time sporting event when you look over and beside you in the winning club's dressing room is Gordie Howe, wearing a pair of red and white sneakers and a huge smile. Mr. Hockey, a part owner of the team, was watching a bunch of rowdy teenagers stuff shaving cream pies in teammates' faces for the cameras — and I got the sense he loved every minute of it.


Vancouver certainly knows how to host a hockey tournament, and the final between the Giants and the Medicine Hat Tigers broke an attendance record for a junior hockey game in British Columbia with more than 16,000 fans packing into the Pacific Coliseum. Overall, the event's total attendance shattered the Mem Cup record by more than 30,000.

The Giants' 3-1 win was relatively lopsided, surprising given how close the two teams had played each other throughout the playoffs — but when it comes down to a winner-takes-all scenario like that, you never do know what you're going to get.

I'll have much more later. But first, sleep.



At 10:59 a.m., May 28, 2007, Anonymous Scott said...

A pair of red and white sneakers and a huge smile? I thought Gordie had started to settle down.


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