Monday, May 21, 2007

Hasek cashing in

He made US$750,000 during the regular season.

If Hasek helps Detroit get past the Calgary Flames in the first round, he'll earn a $450,000 bonus; another $450,000 if the Red Wings advance to the conference finals; and $200,000 more if he hoists his second Stanley Cup and the 11th in franchise history.
When teams calculate how much room they have under the cap to add players, any potential bonuses that a player can earn must be included in the player's cap count. Teams may exceed the upper limit by up to 7.5% in order to pay such bonuses (for 2006-07, teams could effectively have an upper limit of $47.3 million) with the provision that any team doing this will have its upper limit reduced for the following season by the amount it exceeds the current year's upper limit.
I don't have the exact figures in front of me, but the $900,000 in bonuses Hasek has earned to this point has almost certainly put Detroit over the salary cap on the year, something that will mean a hit toward next year's cap in Motown.

Add in the fact that 59-year-old Chris Chelios is due a $300,000 bonus as part of his contract, and the Red Wings could be down as much as $1-million next season.

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At 2:28 p.m., May 21, 2007, Blogger Danny said...

That was a good deal they made with him, and other teams should do the same with older players.

At 9:21 p.m., May 21, 2007, Anonymous Frank said...

Go to and you will see that even with Hasek's and Chelios' bonuses added in, the Wings 06/07 cap is $44.163 million. Therefore, next years cap will be reduced by only $163K.

Assuming the 07/08 cap comes in at $48 million, Detroit should have enough room to aborb this minor overrun and resign everyone, including Bertuzzi.

Because Beruzzi missed more than 40 consecutive games this past season - due to long term injury - he also qualifies for the special bonus provisions available for players older than 35.

Detroit could sign him to a $1 million base salary with $3 or $4 million in bonuses if he scores 30 or 40 goals next season.

For cap purposes only the $1 million base salary will count against the cap during the year. At the end of the season when the actual bonus payment is determined it will be applied against any unused cap room remaining, and any excess amount will then be applied against the 08/09 cap, which is likely to increase to $51 million.

Two main reasons why Detroit can keep all of these star players under the cap is the Zetterberg and Holmstrom contracts.

A year ago Zetterberg signed a 4 year $2.65 million per year deal, and this year Holmstrom signed a 4 year $2.25 million per year deal. They did this based on Detroit's argument to them that they needed to take these low offers in order to "keep the team together" under the cap.

Then after Detroit gets them to sign these low ball offers, they sign Datsyuk to a 7 year $6.7 million per year deal. And Detroit will probably add "insult to injury" by signing Bertuzzi to a big bonus deal for next year.

How do you think Zetterberg and Holmstrom feel now!! I guess team loyalty only runs one way in Detroit.

At 10:12 p.m., May 21, 2007, Blogger Nick said...

Detroit won't sign bertuzzi to a big bonus deal. They might keep him around if they can get a good deal on him (good possiblity) but there's no way they'll give him a huge contract.

I think they'll continue to get a relatively good deal on Hasek too (if he wants to continue playing) since he doesn't play every regular season game... They'll have to continue to pay Osgood's salary though, or someone similar if he wants to leave, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he'll be back as well.

It was a good season and they'd to well to not change too much if they don't have to.

At 10:43 p.m., May 21, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

Well, they'll lose Lang and likely Schneider, too, given the sort of payout he's likely due. Danny Markov may move along as well, although he's rarely looked better than he did this season with Lidstrom.

There really aren't a lot of holes on this Red Wings team; Holland's done a nice job building on what they had last year. Lidstrom's getting long in the tooth, relatively speaking, so maybe that's the big need down the line.


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