Saturday, June 16, 2007

More accolades for Crosby

The youngest-ever winner of the NHL scoring race (Gretzky was 20 when he won his first of 10), Crosby is the first teenager to win a scoring title in any major professional sport, and the youngest professional hockey player to record a 100-point season. Crosby has done it twice now in his first two NHL seasons. ...

He is also the youngest NHLer chosen as a first-team all-star, another honour picked up this past week. On May 31, Crosby’s Pittsburgh Penguins named him their captain, too, making him the youngest team leader in league history.
Many of us didn't realize it, but there was a lot of history made on Thursday night in Toronto at the NHL Awards.


At 1:59 a.m., June 16, 2007, Blogger Tyler said...

I'm all for deifying Sid but, in fairness to Gretzky, it's a fluke of their birthdays that puts Crosby in that position. It's like the TSN thing this year when they were trying to compare Crosby's age 19 year to Gretzky's age 19 year. They started doing it after Gretz' birthday and used his rookie season and Crosby's second year.

Crosby's awesome. All of the "youngest" is a bit tired though - we're talking about a seven month difference in age.

At 1:56 p.m., June 17, 2007, Blogger sager said...

Crosby's amazing, but that "any major professional sport" is kind of specious. Aside from a few years where you had kids going straight from high school, the NBA and NFL insist that players attend college for a couple years and don't turn pro until they're 20 or 21 years old.

What's the "scoring title" in baseball? A-Rod was only 20 when he began his first season as a regular, and he led the league in runs scored.


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