Thursday, June 07, 2007

Selanne comes through the mill

Last night's game was played in the middle of the night over in Finland, which means it's taken another chug of the news cycle for the Scandinavian press to catch up.

Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat ran this story on Teemu Selanne's Stanley Cup win that came with an English translation that's well worth a read:
Selänne is a popular figure on both sides of the Atlantic. He has occasionally been the subject of criticism at home for off-ice indulgence in fast cars, but his unstinting charity work - in particular on behalf of children's hospital care - has made him a much-appreciated household name, and his success was widely hoped for.

The NHL is a lucrative profession, but it is also a very hard employer indeed, and few players come through fifteen years of the mill with all their body parts intact.

Teemu Selänne is no exception.
It brings a tear to your eye.


At 6:28 p.m., June 07, 2007, Anonymous Kent said...

There was a great story about Selanne on the about a week or so ago:

I guess the Finns are going nuts now.

At 6:30 p.m., June 07, 2007, Anonymous Kent said...

Didn't work. My bad. You may have to copy and paste this URL.

Anyways, it's a good read.

At 6:38 p.m., June 07, 2007, Blogger Bob said...

Click here for the story on Selanne that Kent mentioned if you're not a URL copier and paster.

The Finns do love Selanne. I have a Finnish friend here in the US who told me that watching the end of the game and the celebration last night brought a tear to his eye.

At 10:39 p.m., June 07, 2007, Blogger J. Michael Neal said...

I like this piece. I don't like the Ducks, but the Finns are my team in international hockey. I'm glad to see Teemu get his name on the Cup, even if I wish he had done it for a team in Winnipeg.


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