Thursday, July 05, 2007

Isles get Guerin

The New York Islanders have finally started to fill out their roster, signing Bill Guerin and netminder Joey MacDonald today.

Guerin, who has averaged 54 points per year the past four seasons, somehow finagled a two-year, $9-million deal and will be 37 later this year. This is his fifth team since leaving Edmonton in 2001.

MacDonald's a nice option as a backup as he played well in Boston last season.

UPDATE It looks like mammoth defenceman Matthew Spiller has signed with the team as well, although that's pending some sort of official announcement.


At 6:18 p.m., July 05, 2007, Blogger saskhab said...

Why do the Isles need a backup goalie? Their current #2 got them into the playoffs! MacDonald is their #3 guy.

At 6:36 p.m., July 05, 2007, Blogger Jes Gőlbez said...

$4.5mil for a lazy 1-dimensional forward who is in a serious decline? Wow, another great move by the Isles

Spiller couldn't even stick in Phoenix, which gives you an idea at how much of a stiff he is. I can remember when he tried to fight Robin BigSnake, and got his ass kicked hard.

At 7:17 p.m., July 05, 2007, Anonymous Frank said...

Wow!!!! I guess Garth Snow is desperate to make the $34 million minimum salary payroll.

Phoenix is in a similar situation. A lot of the lower tier guys who thought they would be lucky to just get a contract are going to end up winning the lottery.

Amonte, Carter, Bulis and Friesen could get multi year deals for $2 to $3 million per year from the Islanders and Phoenix!

At 8:16 p.m., July 05, 2007, Anonymous David Johnson said...

They just signed Mike Comrie too.

At 8:58 p.m., July 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still definitely last in their div. Probably last in the East, though the Caps will give them a run. And potentially last overall, though PHO and CHI are strong contenders in that derby.


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