Sunday, July 29, 2007

The return of Breeze-by?

The Montreal Canadiens could be turning to a familiar face on defence for next season.

Le Journal de Montreal reports that General Manager Bob Gainey has offered unrestricted free agent defenceman Patrice Brisebois a one-year, $700,000 contract for the 2007-08 season.
Now, I don't know if this is a transaction significant enough to warrant a post-signing press conference (although since it's Montreal, where Tom Kostopoulos had one, maybe that's a given), but I've got a great question for any of the reporters attending...

"Mr. Gainey, why?"


At 2:37 p.m., July 29, 2007, Blogger MetroGnome said...

I had the exact same reaction.

At 3:15 p.m., July 29, 2007, Blogger Shane Giroux said...

They have no one to run their powerplay and that's a pretty cheap price if that's all they want him to do? *shrugs*

At 4:42 p.m., July 29, 2007, Anonymous baroque said...

Is Brisebois a glutton for punishment? (Or was this the only offer on the table?)

At 9:40 p.m., July 29, 2007, Anonymous HabsFanInLeafLand said...

Say it so...UGH....

At 10:38 p.m., July 29, 2007, Blogger saskhab said...

I somehow don't believe this is true. It doesn't make any sense on a variety of levels.

It just seems like a slow news day piece. Here's why:

1. Brisebois couldn't crack the team's current top 6 anymore. And that's saying something, because it's not like our 4 through 6 is anything to write home about (Streit, Bouillon, Dandenault).

2. The Habs are hyping Ryan O'Byrne as a possible candidate to make the team. The goal of the orgnization, as Gainey has said many times, is to allow young players that deserve it to get a shot.

3. The Habs also have Josh Gorges, who played 18 minutes a night on a much better San Jose team, as a reserve defenseman. He's 23, Breezy is 36, and Gorges makes less money than the supposed $700k offered by the Habs.

All that being said, it wouldn't hurt the team really if he was brought in to fill a bottomo pairing role. It just doesn't really improve it, and it seems more a precautionary measure than anything in case of injuries. But I thought that's why we have such NHL luminaries as Jamie Rivers and Mathieu Biron in the minors.

He'd be brought in, fittingly, to take Niinimaa's role.

At 10:32 a.m., July 30, 2007, Blogger PPP said...


Seeing that scroll across the screen really made my weekend.

At 4:33 a.m., August 04, 2007, Blogger Eric said...

Brisebois is back!!!- not many people have the cohones that he does comming back to Montreal - even after all the heat he got - - far and few people could do what he just did - I just gained new respect for the briser !!! a real winner and a true Montreal Canadien - with all the pressure in Montreal and BS - hats off 2 Brisebois ! go habs go ! Brisebois is now a true leader in the Montreal dressing move ! Simply fantastic - all whom doubt in him now are delusional --- and have a couple of marbles missing especially for the price we got him 4 - he's no loger the 4.2 million dolllar man but a true Montreal champion - his decision will bring a cup back 2 montreal , he will and everybody in 1 year will have to thank brisebois - nrver thought I would have said this but he made it happen! Time will show the pessimist all wrong! Simply fantastic!


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