Thursday, July 05, 2007

Without a cap

Don over at The Battle of Ontario has come up with a nice projection of the NHL's big spenders, and where they would potentially be this season had spending not been capped at $50.3-million.

Who knows if those four clubs would have all kept spending at that rate, but I'm willing to bet at least one or two would be in that range at this point. Where we go in the future in a cap world still remains to be seen.

I'll have more on that final point later this week.


At 4:21 p.m., July 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that anyone but Detroit fans will listen (or care)...but, the spike in the Red Wings 2003-04 payroll was due primarily to the cost of carrying two high (did someone say over?)priced goaltenders, Cutis Joseph and Dominic Hasek, when Hasek decided to come out of retirement after Joseph had already been signed to replace him. (Of course, Hasek subsequently decided to give some of his salary back, but that doesn't show up here.)

Had it not been for this bizarre anomally, I'm sure their spending would have leveled off a a completely reasonable $80-90 million/year.;)


At 4:30 p.m., July 05, 2007, Blogger jorach said...

I post a lot over on BoO, I don't think a linear projection is accurate. Judging from Detroit not selling out their playoff games over ticket price, I doubt their organization could float $100m in player salaries' year after year with the current economy in Detroit.

At 4:44 p.m., July 05, 2007, Blogger Nick said...

I don't think a linear projection is accurate.

I agree. It's fun to talk about, but I don't think that anyone honestly believes that someone would be carrying a $100mil/year payroll.

At 5:01 p.m., July 05, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

I honestly believe both Toronto and New York would be in the $90-million range right now. Their revenues would certainly allow for it, especially if they didn't have to pay into revenue sharing.


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