Thursday, August 16, 2007

Garth Snow's on the board

Josef found what clogged the eavestrough...........................

Hey, whaddaya know? Here's a signing by the New York Islanders that I fully endorse (and one that gives me a good excuse to link to Garth Snow's off-ice hijinks, a goofy picture of Charles Wang and a classic Simpsons clip).

As an aside, I do know that Vasicek is pretty close with Radek Martinek, which may be part of the reason he took a paycut to play with the Isles.

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At 10:27 a.m., August 16, 2007, Blogger saskhab said...

So much for that Isles youth movement I was hearing about.

Why are you big on Vasicek? He's big but doesn't use his size, takes bad penalties, is slow and has little scoring touch. He'll be as memorable of an Islander as Oleg Kvasha, complete with the funny name.

At 11:16 a.m., August 16, 2007, Anonymous pj said...

Is it a Fanhouse requirement that the posts have to be goofy and contain a lot of links to silly pictures/unrelated video?

Don't get me wrong, I find it very entertaining. Just wondering.

At 12:44 p.m., August 16, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

I think they like us to have fun over there, although most of my posts are pretty serious stuff.

Vasicek's young, he's got scoring ability and he's big. There's potential there, and he was a solid junior. What he really needs is someone to push him to be more consistent and physical, and I can see Ted Nolan doing just that. Vasicek played junior in Sault Ste. Marie where Nolan's still a legend and really wanted to play for him.

At 12:56 p.m., August 16, 2007, Blogger McLea said...

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At 3:39 p.m., August 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vasicek and Martinek work out together..... that's an injury waiting to happen. Hope they get a trainer in to separate these two.

At 3:54 p.m., August 16, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vasicek went from leading the Canes in scoring one year to having potential. He's not good. He is soft. He is big but doesn't use his size. He thinks he deserves more ice time than he gets.

The Iles will regret signing him.

At 10:34 a.m., August 17, 2007, Anonymous Nuts4pucks said...

All we heard in Carolina from the beginning of his career here was that he had "potential". I kept waiting for him to use his size and not inconsiderable skill to achieve something. I'm glad that frustrating experience is over for us.

I think Joe is a great kid, and I wish him great success on the Island. Good luck to Ted Nolan in getting him to be the player he could be. I just don't think it is ever going to happen.

At 1:43 a.m., August 19, 2007, Blogger d-lee said...

Let's not forget that the year that "The Condor" led the Canes in goals, it was a miserable Canes team. He had 19 goals that season ('03) and he was playing way over his head.
He's big and strong, but he's dumb, slow and lazy. He's also a picture of inconsistency. Four points one night, then a month without a point, then an injury, then a week of healthy scratches .... You get the point.

Seriously, James??? Sorry, but I'm not buying the Sault Ste. Marie angle. Ted Nolan's from there and big Joe played there. So what? Ever heard of a guy named Ron Francis? He's in the HOF. Look him up. If Sault Ste. Marie was a playable card, I think Ronnie would have played it with Vasicek at some point. They played together for a couple of years. It would have come up at some point.

A solid junior??? Are you kidding? There's loads of dudes who put up breathtaking numbers in junior hockey who don't do squat in the NHL (read: Pavel Brendl).

I agree with nuts4pucks. Joe's not gonna bust out. I hope we're wrong, but I don't think we are.

Oh, and while the Radek Martinek thing probably played into his "taking a paycut", we all know that the real reason he "took a paycut" is that nobody was interested. He took the first gentleman caller.

If it doesn't work out (and it probably won't), the Isles didn't spend much. That's the good thing about this. This is nothing to get excited about.

At 1:46 a.m., August 19, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

I don't think I did get all that excited; all I said was that there was some potential there and he was exceptionally cheap.

It's a better move for a non-playoff team like the Isles than signing Guerin and Sutton.


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