Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kings hire Dave Lewis

A nice move out in Los Angeles to bring in a savvy veteran coach to help Marc Crawford out.

I still think Lewis got a raw deal in Boston, where the goaltending really let him down last season.



At 8:19 p.m., August 28, 2007, Anonymous Danny Tolensky said...

Lombardi is really building a strong organization with Hextall, Ferreira, O'Connell and Jeff Solomon in the front office and guys like Crawford, Mike Johnston, Lewis and Ranford behind the bench.

Watch out for the Kings in a couple years..

At 9:16 p.m., August 28, 2007, Blogger FAUXRUMORS said...

1) Having met Mr.Lewis on a number of occations we can attest that he is a good guy, BUT on two seperate occations he has shown that he is not cut out to be a head NHL coach. He excells as an asst.
2) Since its unlikely he will get another shot at a #1 job, we're glad to see he's back where he does his best work. Good luck Dave!

At 9:31 p.m., August 28, 2007, Anonymous John M said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but it is my impression that rarely do assistant coaches in the NHL successfully make the transition to head coaching positions, in my opinion it is one of the cardinal sins of Gm's. When hiring a coach, either go the route of recycling a former established NHL head coach or take one from the juniors or minors.

The reason? Assistant coaches typically deal with the players on a personal basis far more than the head coach and overtime develop a strategy based on what best suits the players, e.g. "Keenan and Bowman know what they are teaching but if I had the chance I could get these guys to do the same thing because I know how to talk to them".

If Lombardi understands this basic principle then his only intention is to have Lewis as an assistant to his proto-typical head coach in Marc Crawford. His greatest mistake would be to think otherwise.

If you need an example of this blunder, watch no further than the Ottawa Senator's success this coming season under new assistant-turned-head coach John Paddock. This is no disrespect to Paddock, I believe he has the hockey knowledge to be a very notable head coach in this league but he is climbing a slippery slope by accepting this promotion with the same team he was with for the last couple of seasons, a far more daunting task than Lewis had with the Bruins.

At 10:09 p.m., August 28, 2007, Blogger danae said...

John Tortorella made a successful transition from Rangers assistant to Lightning tyrant.

Randy Carlyle, Joel Quenneville, Craig MacTavish, Dave Tippett, Ron Wilson, Lindy Ruff, and Jacques Martin all spend a few seasons as assistant coaches in the NHL before helming their own team. But I agree, those who try to head coach the same way they did as assistants will be in trouble.

At 10:24 p.m., August 28, 2007, Anonymous paul said...

I agree that Lewis got a raw deal in Boston but wasn't it the owner/GM that let him down?

At 11:01 p.m., August 28, 2007, Blogger Darrell said...

It should be noted that John Padock was Ottawa's coach in Binghamton before becoming the assistant in Ottawa. Padock has spent much more time as a head coach in the AHL than as an assistant at the NHL level, not to mention previous NHL experience in Winnipeg. His resume is MUCH different than that of Dave Lewis.

At 11:45 a.m., August 30, 2007, Blogger rightonthebutton said...

Dave Lewis let the Bruins down. He was a terrible, uninspiring, bone-headed coach. Detroit and Boston fans are unanimous in their contempt for him as a head coach. If the Bruins are better this year it will be directly because of a change in coaching.


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