Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rangers accept Avery ruling

The New York Rangers signed Sean Avery on Wednesday after the forward was awarded a $1.9-million (U.S.), one-year deal in salary arbitration.

Avery, 27, had a career-high 48 points (18-30) and added 174 penalty minutes in 84 games with Los Angeles and the Rangers. The Pickering, Ont., native earned $1.1 million last season.
Looking at the size of the award in relation to what the Avery side was angling for, I think it's safe to say the Rangers came out winners here. The $1.9-million figure is almost exactly between what the two sides offered as comparables ($1.3-million and $2.6-million) but closer to Glen Sather's low-ball figure.

Me, I think the contract fits. Certainly, Avery proved his could be quite valuable over a short stint to end the season, and if he can play like that over a sustained period, he'll have a far bigger salary next season. If I'm his agent, I'd advise Avery to keep the needless penalties and off-ice shenanigans to a minimum, pot more than 50 points, and reap the rewards next summer.

Although it's debatable whether or not New York can afford him at that point.

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