Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Approaching the roster deadline

Today's the sixth-last day of preseason in the NHL, and exhibition games continue through the weekend even as the regular season opens in London, England, on Saturday afternoon.

Teams have to be down to the 23-man roster limit the day before next week's North American season start (the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 2) and at the moment, teams are generally somewhere between 26 (Montreal) and 34 (Detroit).

Close to 300 players are going to be cut and either reassigned to junior, the AHL or released entirely in the next week, and quite a few will have to pass through waivers, so this may be one of the most active weeks on the NHL calendar in terms of movement. A lot of teams, especially those on the bottom, have their eye on players who don't make other rosters, and we'll see quite a few guys changes teams that way.



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