Thursday, September 20, 2007

Canucks give McGillis tryout

With a rash of injuries hitting defencemen in camp, including a wrist injury to Sami Salo, it had been rumoured that Vancouver was looking to bring in some solid veterans to fill in.

TSN's reporting today that Dan McGillis is getting one of those invites, despite the fact he spent the majority of last season in the AHL. After putting up a couple of 40+-point performances earlier in his career, McGillis ran into a bad situation in New Jersey, who gave him a two-year, $4.4-million contract coming out of the lockout and proceeded to eat much of that salary while he played in Albany and Lowell.

He had a very strong season last year with a pretty weak AHL club, and while he's winding down now at age 35, McGillis is good enough to play a depth role in the NHL.

Just as long as he's not getting $2.2-million a season.

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