Friday, September 21, 2007

Mottram joins Yahoo!

In a move that's about as big as they get in the sports blogosphere, AOL's sports blog guru Jamie Mottram was scooped up by Yahoo! Sports, who are apparently about to get into blogging in a big way.

Mottram was the overlord over at FanHouse, no easy task given he deals with a small army of bloggers who, by definition, enjoy being whiny above all else. Personally, he's been good to deal with, and never went postal over my slipping in many Canadian spellings — an offence usually punishable by guillotine at the AOL compound.

The Big Lead has an interview with Mottram about the move.

I really haven't been an exceptionally active participant on the AOL side just yet, as other than the NHL awards in June, there haven't been many big ticket events to get out to. I'm hoping our six-member NHL team can put together some "big idea" concepts over the coming season that will really add some value to the hockey side of things.

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