Friday, October 12, 2007

Balsillie's back

The Canadian billionaire businessman who tried to buy the Nashville Predators a few months ago - and annoyed fans by making preparations to move them out of Music City - is now trying to get back in the game.

Jim Balsillie, co-chief executive officer of the company that invented the Blackberry handheld wireless device, wants to buy the Predators without making any changes to their lease of the city-owned arena that would hurt Metro taxpayers, a representative said in a letter to the Metro Sports Authority this afternoon.
Tune out for a few hours, and look at what you miss.

I'll do my best to have more on this as time permits.


At 12:48 a.m., October 13, 2007, Blogger Paul Nicholson said...

IF he's serious i'm all for it...but that is a HUGE, massive, unlikely IF.

At 4:09 a.m., October 13, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the love of all thats holy, will he please hire some 'consultant' (like an ex-owner) to help him navigate the NHL Board of Governors. No more dick-measuring contests with Bettman, go in mouth closed, ears (and wallet) open, and he can finesse this thing if he PLAYS THE GAME!!!

At 2:21 p.m., October 13, 2007, Anonymous Frank said...

The only way Bettman and the NHL Board of Governors will approve Balsillie as a purchaser is if he agrees to a number of restrictive covenants in the purchase agreement that will "lock" the team into Nashville for 10 years regardless of the team's financial circumstances. This is what Bettman tried to do with Balsillie on the Pittsburgh purchase - and Balsillie of course pulled out.

There are two major forces in the NHL : 1) AEG; and, 2)MLSE. AEG wants Nashville in Nashville or Kansas City. MLSE wants Nashville in any place other than southern Ontario. So Balsillie's offers will never be accepted.

Basillie knows this and I think this second offer -- where he tells Nashville he wants no further city subsidies (unlike the current purchasers), will try to keep the team in Nashville, and will give the city $75 million (not the required $25 million) if he has to move the team -- is simply designed to embarrass the NHL and the local Nashville purchase group and create some mischief with Nashville City Council.

At 12:39 p.m., October 15, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Silly Balsillie. More money than brains.


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