Friday, October 26, 2007

Devils' arena set to debut

I never got a chance to see New Jersey's old digs, but from all accounts, the Continental Airlines Arena wasn't the nicest place to watch a hockey game. (To quote one great modern philosopher, it was "a concrete crap-hole with a comfort level somewhere between a traffic court waiting room and a lumpy sofa.")

The Devils finally christen their new building, the Prudential Center (which is being dubbed 'The Rock w/ Sean Connery'), on Saturday against Ottawa. They already let native son Jon Bon Jovi come and rock The Rock yesterday.

Greg Wyshynski, another native son with not quite so much Richie Sambora, had a good look at what the new rink means for Newark at FanHouse earlier this week.



At 3:49 p.m., October 26, 2007, Blogger Brushback said...

I went to a number of Devils games at their old arena, including a playoff game, and I always liked the place.

Contrary to the "great modern philosopher", I didn't find it inaccesible at all (the exit off the highway conveniently drops you right into the parking lot), and the concessions were agreeable-- great sausage grinders from the kiosks on the concourse...

At 3:15 p.m., October 27, 2007, Blogger Interchangeable Parts said...

It is certainly a great day for Devils fans, but as fans who had season tickets at CAA for many years, we don't want our old building to go out with a scad of negative jeers. We had some great memories at the old place (including seeing our boys hoist the Cup in 2003), and are a little sorry to see it go! In fact, back in June we wrote a love letter to CAA as part of our "Reasons We Love Hockey" summer series on our blog. If no one else will remember the good times, we will.

At 2:01 p.m., October 28, 2007, Blogger Jennifer said...

The old Jersey arena couldn't have possibly been any worse than Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. Talk about concrete bunker. Some years back they realized that there were not nearly enough women's bathrooms so they converted a bunch of men's bathrooms to women's bathrooms, except that for the longest time they didn't bother to remove the "pee troughs". Sheesh. I think they've improved them somewhat since then, but the Joe has never been pretty. But then it's never been about the building, it's what happens on the ice that matters.

At 1:19 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched many a Devils game at CAA. I didn't have problems with the place and it was very easy to get to by car. Their new digs look great but I don't think I'll be taking in my usual 8-10 games a year with family in tow. An arena located in Newark is just not a destination that is easy to get to by car and I have no desire to hop on a train or bus. I'll watch them on TV now. I hope it works out for them. But consider me a disappointed Devils fan since hockey is so much better when viewed live in-person.


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