Friday, October 26, 2007

The end of shift charts

I hadn't even realized they were gone, but did the NHL really scrap shift charts on game summaries on this season? does a nice job of putting together some of his own, with improvements scheduled to come, by why on earth would this feature be dropped? It's not something I looked at every game, but once in a while, and some of the stat heads certainly found good use for it.


At 5:05 p.m., October 26, 2007, Anonymous Matt said...

Vic Ferrari from IOF solved this, and his output is better than ever.

You can do H2H ice times and shift charts there.

At 6:43 p.m., October 26, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The NHL has stuck me as resisting any attempts to put more then the very basic of stats G,A,Pts,+/-, SV%, GAA out there for public consumption so this is entirely unsurprising in my opinion.

Their new stats format has nicely dropped much of the information previously available.

Thankfully Vic Ferrari's NHL Shift Charts site, as linked above and other fan-made creations have bridged the gap.

At 7:17 p.m., October 26, 2007, Anonymous Rod said...

Good luck making sense out of what the NHL decides to provide. Goaltender info was strangely absent from "Game Summaries" this season--who actually played, shots faced, saves, etc. had been relegated to the "Event Summary" page. That changed last Saturday at least. The sad thing is, the fact they woke up is more surprising than the inexplicable removal in the first place.

Kudos to Vic for his work.

At 7:41 p.m., October 26, 2007, Anonymous cupster33 said...

the fact they woke up is more surprising than the inexplicable removal in the first place.

My guess is somebody was trying to justify their jobs last offseason, it was just odd that someone would do it on purpose.

At 10:19 p.m., October 26, 2007, Anonymous tapeleg said...

I've been posting about it for weeks.

At 10:36 p.m., October 26, 2007, Blogger James Mirtle said...

Anyone have a gold star?

At 1:20 p.m., October 27, 2007, Blogger Ebscer said...

they re did all their stats sheets, and they suck compared to last years...

At 1:19 a.m., October 28, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you people talking about? All the stats of old are still there, have been improved, and new stats are there too. And the shift charts are still there - they're just not graphical anymore.

At 10:50 p.m., October 28, 2007, Anonymous Alec said...

Perhaps the league doesn't want to make thing easier for agents in arbitration hearings.

At 1:55 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous cupster33 said...

(they're just not graphical anymore)

That's the point.


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