Monday, October 29, 2007

Jones gets two games

Philadelphia Flyers defenceman Randy Jones has been suspended two games for his hit on Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron over the weekend.

NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell says that he didn't believe Jones intended to injure Bergeron when he hammered him into the boards from behind, but that he did deliver a "hard check to a player who was in a vulnerable position."
I'm fine with that. Here's hoping we don't see any more incidents like this the rest of the year, and that Bergeron is able to return in the near future.


At 3:16 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous Marcus said...

That seems about right.

At 3:51 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a legit question but where is Volchenkov's suspension?

isnt amazing that if this was the flyers, they wont be crying and whinning like i have seen with this suspension and downie suspension.

the league just pissed off a franchise and their fan base.

At 3:58 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turn about is fair play, the Flyers have been pissing everyone else off for years.

At 4:12 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4:26 p.m., October 29, 2007, Blogger FAUX RUMORS said...

1) Did anyone catch Sergei Gonchar's hit on a Canadian forward in the waning seconds of OT Saturday?
2) It appeared to be a head-shot that could have resulted in injury. The fact that it didn't is why he wasn't suspended and Jones was.
3) Should discipline only be doled out IF a player is hurt??

At 4:30 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my god i seen worst hits than what jones. he was probably better off finishing off the job.

even mr.canadian, don cherry took flyers and jones side in this...

At 5:10 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous S said...

And so it begins.

I would have no problems with suspensions if they were at least uniform, but considering that this is the NHL, with different standards on an almost daily basis, it's not surprising.

Did Jones deserve a suspension? Sure. But so have a lot of other hits. A large problem has to do with the media-- specifically TSN-- hyping this up. They group it as one of the dirty Philly hits from this year, where any idiot could tell that there is a huge difference between Downie/Boulerice and Jones' hits. They create a huge stink, fans who can't form their own opinions in turn rebel, and then Campbell is forced to do something.

I'm sure if it were someone in a Leaf jersey it would be just a "good clean hit." Because the Flyers have already had two dirty hits, every hit from now on is going to be talked about it like it's part of a series. Which is absolutely not the case. However, the Flyers also need to consider that they are under the radar, even if they have no way of really knowing what will be called or not.

At 7:04 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous Danny said...

Very fair call.

What we need to look at is how people would be thinking if Bergeron hit Jones instead of the other way around.

There would hardly be as much talk if it were this way, and I'm glad the nhl got this suspension.

People need to stop blaming the Flyers.

Its like the whole organization is out to kill all other plyers, when its just a few bad apples.

They still have respectable players like Gagne, Briere, Richards, Knuble, Smith....etc,etc.

At 7:39 p.m., October 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8:24 p.m., October 29, 2007, Blogger Paul Nicholson said...

FAUX: according to the NHL this year, the answer to #3 is a resounding "yes". All punishment, in game and after will be in direct proportion to the opposing teams ability to be hurt, act hurt, or just flat out dive. Giving out any penalty based on injury is just flat out stupid. Trying to guess "intent" is bad enough, but at least then you are looking at the guilty to determine punishment. Looking at the victim to determine punishment in sports like this is just dumb.

At 9:31 a.m., October 30, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

5 games would have been right since there is no past history, but if the hit on Cole was 3 games and punishment is supposed to be escalating to deter prone players than how is this hit worth less?

I'm sick of seeing intent to injure as a determining factor. How does the NHL get inside the player's head? You do something stupid you pay for it, case closed.

At 11:25 a.m., October 30, 2007, Anonymous PPP said...

S - if it had been a Leaf then the suspension would have been longer. You are definitely right is saying that the media hype plays a large part in the outcome (thanks James ;)).

Looks like the Wheel of Justice is spinning again.

At 6:00 p.m., October 30, 2007, Anonymous Mike said...

This suspension is exactly why I don't care about NHL hockey anymore. NHL management continually makes judgment calls that are so overly inconsistent that it pisses off fans to no end.

Watch the Downie hit versus the Jones hit. No level headed, unbiased, legally sane person would ever come to the conclusion that the Downie hit was 18 games worse then the Jones hit.


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