Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moms on the road

Father-son trips have become popular with NHL teams, but the Wild are taking it in a different direction with the mother-son trip. In some respects, the mothers were able to receive the same cultural experience that their sons get in the dressing room because the moms came from a variety of countries and backgrounds.

“That part of the trip is really interesting,” Joyce [Rolston] says. “I’m one of only three American mothers, and we have two from Finland. There is a little bit of a communication issue, but we all try and we are all having fun.”
There've been all kinds of neat stories coming out of the Wild's latest road trip, as this is a pretty new phenomenon with parents on the road.

Minnesota has an excellent reputation as a family-oriented organization, and has been one of the teams you never heard a bad word about from players. There's a real stability there that you see in the way the team plays.

It's hard to believe that, seven years after coming into the league, the Wild still have the same coach and general manager, and still use a rotating captaincy. Wes Walz and Marian Gaborik are the only players still on the roster from that inaugural season, but in a lot of ways, it seems little has changed there.



At 2:17 p.m., October 18, 2007, Blogger casualhockey said...

When you say "little has changed there," do you mean the fact that goals are still hard to come by and the Jacques trap still lulls opponents and fans alike into a stupor? Because if that's what you meant, you're pretty much right.


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