Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More on Caps bloggers

The Washington Times has a nice, in-depth piece today on the legion of Capitals bloggers that have been producing all kinds of material since team owner Ted Leonsis opened the press box to bloggers last season.
“Writers from a half-dozen other blogs, including Japers’ Rink, DC Optimist and A View from the Cheap Seats, are on the premises, cranking out posts that analyze everything from the Caps’ new uniforms to the Hurricanes’ power-play defense. They are affectionately called “blogger nation” and are part of a growing — and unique — strategy by the Caps to embrace new media outlets rather than keep them at an arms’ length.
Great to see the mentions for Eric McErlain, Jon Press, On Frozen Blog and all the other friends of the blog, and it really all makes me wonder if more U.S.-based teams may soon take a similar approach in the near future.

I've still got quite a bit more to write about my trip to D.C. back in April, something I hope to get around to sometime soon.

UPDATE Leonsis has an interesting response to the article on his blog.


At 1:34 p.m., October 23, 2007, Anonymous Gustafsson said...

Thanks for the comment on our site, it's much appreciated.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. We are truly blessed to have Ted as the owner. His dedication to the Caps and the sport in general should not be questioned.

Now... if they could just manage a few more goals and wins....


At 7:42 p.m., October 23, 2007, Blogger Blitzen said...

It's a web 2.0 world. Anyone can publish (even me). It's best to embrace it rather than fight it.

At 10:47 p.m., October 23, 2007, Anonymous Michael Schuerlein said...

Ted sounds like he is really embracing the entire blog concept - beyond what is being done elsewhere.

I thought that his post was one of the best pieces from an owner I have ever read.

Never knew much about him, but I will definitely star to pay more attention.

Michael Schuerlein


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