Friday, November 09, 2007

Being Hall-worthy

One aside to all of this Lindros for the Hall business: Unfortunately, whenever these sorts of discussions come up, they always come with swipes at players who have already been inducted, and I don't think they necessarily have to.

Yes, hockey's Hall of Fame has been a relatively open door in the past, but I think it's best to follow Mike Brophy's lead and not continue to throw out the names of lesser greats as being "less-than-worthy."

It's really a shame that the only time we now hear the names of former stars like Bernie Federko and Clark Gilles is in this context, as these players are no less heroes in their hometowns and are respected NHL alumni.

Whatever failings the Hall may have, they aren't of the players' making.



At 12:08 a.m., November 10, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

James, arguing about who's IN the HHoF is at least half the fun of the whole enterprise, and is probably the second thing you begin to argue about once you've decided who to cheer for and who's your favorite player. Look, you've got to be a very very good Hockey player to make it to the NHL, let alone be a starter, a star, an All-Star, and then even Hall worthy. I know it seems like we're degrading the players' we think aren't worthy, but what we're really saying is, 'hey, I knew that player, I watched him, I cheered/booed for his team, and I don't/do think he belongs in the hall'. Players in the HHoF deserve respect but fans needn't show any particular deference beyond that.


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