Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Boyle set for more surgery

Tampa Bay Lightning Executive Vice President and General Manager Jay Feaster Issued a Statement Today Regarding Dan Boyle:

“The MRI on Dan Boyle’s surgically-repaired left wrist showed that two of the three tendons severed on September 22 have not properly healed and that additional surgery will be required. We have placed Dan on the NHL’s Injured Reserve List retroactive to his last game, November 3, 2007. Dan will be consulting with a number of hand and wrist specialists recommended to him by the Lightning medical staff, after which he will be scheduled for additional surgery on his wrist. Dan will be out of the Lightning line-up indefinitely."
This is an enormous loss for the Lightning, who leaned heavily on Boyle last season in all situations and are really struggling right now with six losses in a row.

Boyle had all three tendons severed in preseason in a freak accident when a skate fell from a shelf onto his arm, and had returned for four games (he was minus-7 in about 22 minutes of ice time per game, but apparently was having difficulty with strength in the wrist).

Coach John Tortorella has been riding Paul Ranger (26 minutes a game), Filip Kuba (25 minutes) and Shane O'Brien (22:30 minutes) hard this season, as he hasn't been able to coax much from his bottom three defenders. Brad Lukowich is minus-11 in 14 games this season, and no other blueliners have played more than 13 minutes a game.

That's not sustainable, but with the trade market the way it is, I'm not sure GM Jay Feaster has a lot of options. If Boyle's out for the season, there's just no way the Lightning can make the playoffs this season.

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At 3:04 p.m., November 06, 2007, Blogger Chemmy said...

Dear Tampa,

Please convince Bryan McCabe to waive his no trade clause.


- Leafs fans

At 4:14 p.m., November 06, 2007, Blogger saskhab said...

Any team with Vinny on it has a chance. But this is asking a hell of a lot.

Shore up the D and upgrade the goaltending? That's a lot of work.

At 11:38 a.m., November 07, 2007, Anonymous Dennis Prouse said...

With so many teams snug against the cap, combined with the fact that you can't offer to eat salary, the trade market in the first half of the season is completely dead.

Brian Burke had a good suggestion the other day when he said that teams should be allowed to trade and receive salary. This would break the trade logjam, and allow some deals to be made again. As long as teams are still subject to the cap, what should the league care if a portion of their cap is tied up with a guy no longer on their roster? I suppose the rule that you can't offer to eat a portion of a contract is designed to prevent teams from offering dumb contracts and/or punish them when they do it anyway, but it has had the unintended effect of completely killing the trade market.


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