Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Adventures in podcasting

I've been invited on Eklund's online radio show today at 4:30, and following on the heels of last week's show with Brian Burke and Jeremy Roenick, that seems like pretty good company.

I imagine we'll talk about bloggers in the press box — although suggested topics of conversation are welcome.


At 3:04 p.m., December 05, 2007, Anonymous Danny Tolensky said...

Make sure you mention how you lost to my team last week James..

At 4:05 p.m., December 05, 2007, Blogger IwoCPO said...

I've got a few suggestions. Pathological lying. Playing bad music at weddings and fleecing dim witted internet rumour readers out of whatever sum of money he's charging them for visiting his site?

Those are just a few off the top of my head James.

At 4:13 p.m., December 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about calling him on his BS rumors?

At 4:23 p.m., December 05, 2007, Anonymous BDH said...

Tell him I know a guy, who knows a guy, who says Stevie Y is the next Toronto GM. For sure. THat's got to be an e5. Jackpot!

At 4:57 p.m., December 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many people bash Eklund. There are no charges to visit his site. He posts rumours, does everyone know what a rumour is? I have no doubt that rumblings go on in the NHL everyday, Eklund has found a way to intercept them, but when is the last time a trade actually happened? you can't blame Eklund for that. If you have a problem with him refrain from visting his site. I like Mirtle's blog and I can't wait to hear him on Eklund's show.

At 5:05 p.m., December 05, 2007, Blogger Kel said...

To me, the problem with Eklund is not as much that most of the rumours posted by him never happened. I can accept that talks happen among teams that only few lead to real trades. The problem is that most of the times, trades happen before Eklund reported anything. This makes his rumours as useful as any rumour you read on an Internet forum. Oh wait, I read on some forum about how easy it was to have Eklund believe someone is an insider.

At 5:42 p.m., December 05, 2007, Anonymous David Johnson said...

He doesn't even post rumours anymore, just rumours of rumours.

Yesterday his big rumour was:

"Breaking Rumour was Sharks and Toronto (or Ottawa or Montreal)"

which came a day after:

"Leafs moving for a player out of Phoenix, San Jose or Anaheim...".

What kind of rumours are they?

I have a rumour: The Leafs are rumoured to be making a trade with one of the other 29 NHL teams between now and the trade deadline.

At 5:54 p.m., December 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also have a rumour: At least one team may be thinking about possibly firing their coach.

At 8:43 p.m., December 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastic job james. you know what you are talking about.

At 9:43 p.m., December 05, 2007, Blogger 7th Woman said...

I listened at work. It was actually a great interview. I did find it interesting that you turned the tables and interviewed him.

At 10:39 p.m., December 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Eklund's attending PHWA meetings


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