Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cue Tortorella

It looks as though the 25-per-cent rule applied tonight in Tampa.

Goaltending has absolutely killed the Lightning in the years since their Stanley Cup win in 2004, and I'd imagine that tonight's nine-goal debacle will bring out the worst in coach John Tortorella in his postgame comments.

His team's fallen to 14-15-3, which will be the second worst record in the Eastern Conference should Florida win tonight. Tampa's won four of its last 13 games.

Lightning team save percentage

2001-02: .913 (5th)
2002-03: .909 (13th)
2003-04: .908 (14th)
2005-06: .887 (27th)
2006-07: .884 (30th)
2007-08: .881 (30th)

That's a trend.

Meanwhile, with Calgary the beneficiaries tonight of the Holmqvist/Denis implosion, that other plucky Alberta team pulled off something only one other team has managed this season in beating the Red Wings in Detroit.

The Battle of Alberta's starting to get interesting.



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