Friday, December 07, 2007

Link o' the day

If you haven't had a read of Eric Duhatschek's weekly Friday notebook, make sure you stop on by at some point.

Eric's covered the game an awful long time from his post in Calgary, and witnessed Wayne Gretzky's rise in Alberta from a pretty intimate perspective. It's interesting, then, to get his thoughts on Sidney Crosby's first tour through Western Canada, where the attention has been a tad ridiculous, and compare that to tours of yesteryear.

Things are a lot different, 20 years later, for Crosby and Eric. There's more coverage, but less access somehow, which mikes life more difficult for both.

It seems now a real positive that Crosby resides most of the time in relative obscurity in Pittsburgh, as life full-time in the Canadian fishbowl might be a bit much for anyone.

I know I couldn't do it.


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